Ukraine is one of the top software outsourcing destinations, and the IT sector here is steadily growing. The easiest and fastest way to build a team in Ukraine is to turn to a local IT recruiting agency.  

Why Ukraine? 

      • There are more than 185,000 IT professionals in Ukraine. 
      • The IT industry grows by about 26% year over year, with the projected revenues of IT services export of $5.4 billion in 2020 and $8.4 billion in 2025.
      • Ukrainian developers are at 11th place out of 50 countries according to HackerRank and at 6th place out of 32 (Topcoder). And freelancers from Ukraine rank seventh in quality and efficiency in the world. 
      • Boeing, Siemens, Oracle, Apple, Microsoft, Skype, IBM, Samsung, and Huawei have their R&D centers in Ukraine
      • Software developers here are skilled in a variety of technologies and promptly master new programming languages.
      • The work ethics and culture are quite close to Western business, which makes it easier to communicate. Also, the majority of Ukrainian IT specialists speak English.

Corporate life and IT job market in Ukraine 

The majority of IT companies offer basic standard conditions:

      • A 40-hour week
      • 25 paid days off a year
      • 1-month resignation warning
      • Medical insurance and paid sick leaves
      • Often, the developers are registered as private entrepreneurs
      • Usually, the working hours are quite flexible.

Skilled Ukrainian IT specialists are welcomed to work not only for the Ukrainian and foreign companies in the country but also to relocate to the EU, USA, Canada, etc. 

Thus, there is a competition between companies that want to hire the best software developers. That’s why many companies try to stand out by offering additional benefits:

      • offer fully paid English classes
      • cover, partly or in full, training and professional development courses
      • allow working from home
      • encourage sports: create teams, organize sport events
      • offer corporate events, etc. 

IT companies in Ukraine put many efforts in the retention of their employees.

The resulting high competitiveness on the job market makes recruiting challenging. You have to be skilled to present a company and a job opportunity so that the candidate considers it.  

We want to share the list of best IT recruiting agencies in Ukraine. These are teams who know the Ukrainian job market, have large databases of local specialists’ CVs and know how to communicate with the candidates. They are qualified to find the best match for your team and the best fit for a project.


DNA325 is a one-stop-shop IT Recruitment & R&D agency. Having extensive experience in the markets of Ukraine and the CIS, DNA325 allows its customers to quickly and efficiently hire IT talents to expand their business. The agency helps with all operations maintenance, including office rent, hiring, HR, legal, accounting.

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    Capital Recruiters

    Capital Recruiters was established in 2007. The agency successfully operates in the field of executive and specialist level staff search, assessment, and recruitment for leading national and foreign companies.


    With 10+ years of experience, Alcor can offer access to 100,000+ IT talents in Ukraine to assist a business in opening an R&D office and further support it from an operational standpoint.


    ITExpert developed its own Recrudesk system to find relevant candidates quickly, already during 1-3 days after they start working. There are some largest product and outsourcing companies working in the USA, Europe, Ukraine, and other countries among ITExpert’s clients.

    CNA International IT

    CNA is part of the Pertemps Group, a large European recruiting company. HR services are the link between great companies and passionate specialists in search for each other.  They have 80+ teams worldwide and a database of more than 200,000 candidates located around the world, from Brazil to Indonesia.

    SD Solutions 

    An outstaffing company with its clients located in Israel, UK and the US.

    Founded in 2014 in Kyiv, SD Solutions today has many long-term clients and partners in Israel and other multinational enterprises. Their turnkey staffing services include providing professional developers, development teams, and research & development centers.

    All We Do Is Source (ADS)

    ADS has developed a highly effective cross-functional candidate sourcing model enabling their clients to fill positions without having to get bogged down in endless identification and screening processes.


    Sunvery is an agency of dedicated professionals. The company says they care about all details in the recruitment process to save the time of the client and create the best candidate’s experience. 

    Recruiting Melon

    Recruiting Melon is a technology recruitment agency providing both contract (onsite/nearshore) and permanent employment services to the top employers in the IT industry in the EU and US. The agency has more than 90+ happy clients. They hand-pick Top Talent engineering experts who become revenue generators to help high-growth technology companies scale.

    Why DNA325?

        • Employer branding: we represent our clients so that the candidate understands their value and help build the reputation among Ukrainian developers.
        • A community: there is a network of more than 15,5k candidates who follow us on social media where we share the latest open positions.
        • A full cycle service: we offer not only hiring but also company registration, administrative and legal support, project management, accounting, and office rent.
        • Technology-enhanced: we use effective tools and new technologies in the search process (more than 80 thousand of candidates in our applicant tracking system and our own job board).
        • We provide Space as a Service unique working environments and ecosystems trusted by companies from the USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, and other countries. We create an R&D hub for your company with the equipped workplace, administrative, HR and PM services.

    If you need to open an R&D office or to hire a dedicated team of software developers, contact us. We provide consulting, sourcing, recruitment, and other services. Let DNA325 do the administrative part and focus on growing your business.