Successful talent acquisition is a key driver for a beneficial business operation. Attracting talents is a strategic process for finding highly qualified employees and it requires proper planning and a certain set of skills. The latest research claims that in order to fulfill the position the company needs approximately 42 days. Add to this number the time for adaptation, the passage of the probationary period – or not passing it, which is even worse, and other unforeseen circumstances. This all takes the precious time during which your business could make a profit but instead only expenses increase. That’s why nowadays a lot of companies turn to reputable recruiting firms. Below you will familiarize yourself with why it’s beneficial to hire a talent acquisition agency.

Swift filling of the needed vacancy

For some companies, keeping a staff of recruiters is not very practical. Many small businesses struggle to attract talent to their companies. Internal recruiter resources may not be sufficient to fill all available vacancies. For each potential candidate, you need to allocate time, as well as delve into the peculiarities of the vacant position. The external recruiting professionals on the contrary focus on the particular vacancy and use all the available resources to close the position. They don’t have any distractions, and as result, the time of closing the position is significantly reduced.

Hiring a talent acquisition agency saves costs

Outsource recruitment services allow you to reduce the company’s costs and not maintain an additional structure or staff specializing in non-core tasks of the enterprise. Recent research claims that around 40% of the working time, business owners may spend on hiring new employees. Reaching a recruiting agency is a way to save resources. It is difficult to calculate the exact figures, but some sources say that costs will be cut by around 20%. For many companies, creating an internal HR department just doesn’t make sense. Startups are thriving all over the world and teams of ten can successfully run a business.

By outsourcing the hiring process, you can count on the best candidates for a specific position with complete consistency. 

Reputable recruitment firms always consider the geographical location

Should you wish to find recruiting professionals, you have to decide where it is applicable to get employees from. Some agencies may be limited to certain geographical locations, a region, or a country. However, some may have wide possibilities and can help you to get qualified employees from around the world. Another important aspect is the salary. We all perfectly know that getting, let’s say an IT professional from Western Europe or the USA may cost you two or three times more than getting the same qualified person, with exact hard and soft skills but from Eastern Europe.

Transparent Hiring Process

An in-house specialist may be searching for the right talent for quite a long time, relying on his own ideas about the pros of dreams and being biased. Talent agencies are interested precisely in the result of this search. In addition, there is a great chance that specialists from the agency will be more impartial in the selection of applicants. Even if the internal recruiter is perfectly correct and qualified, the applicant will by default perceive him as biased – since the employee of the company cannot say anything wrong about the current place of work. The advantage of an external specialist is that he or she is an objective and independent participant in the negotiations, so the candidate will have more trust.

Any company needs good specialists, but not everyone has all the necessary capabilities and resources to recruit and maintain a huge staff. That is why many companies use outsourcing services. DNA325 team will gladly help you choose the most effective option for cooperation and will find you the most suitable candidate or form the whole team of IT professionals.