Job hiring is by no means an easy task. The Human Resources department does not just hire workers. They seek to build a team. Therefore, good skills are usually not the only criteria for hiring. For this reason, employers look for the perfect employee who possesses exceptional skills. In addition, he is also willing to cooperate and learn from his team. For many, it sounds too good to be true.

We have divided the recruitment process into two categories. The reason being to make the hiring process less exhausting and more straightforward. These categories are internal and external recruitment. A great number of employers are not sure which hiring method is appropriate and advantageous for their firm.

We understand the dilemma of the employers. And for this reason, we have curated an elaborated and thorough guide. We are sure that this article will solve all your puzzles.

What is Internal Recruitment?

If you are new in the industry, chances are you are not knowledgeable about Internal Recruitment. It is a less common method of signing up staff. But for many employers, it is the least troublesome and inconvenient procedure.

You must be wondering by now: But what is internal hiring? In this approach, the HR department hires from the same organization. In simple words, imagine there is a job opening in the firm. Many people apply for the position. Some are from outside the company and others from inside the company.

However, in the internal method, the employer hires people working already in his firm for that position.

Who is an Internal Applicant?

Now that you are aware of internal recruitment, there is another term you need to familiarize yourself with. This terminology is ‘internal candidate’.

An internal applicant is someone who is already employed in the firm. And he seeks to get a different job under the same company. For this purpose, he will apply for a position in a different department. Now, he becomes an internal candidate for the HR team.

For such candidates, it is a chance to switch their careers while working under the same boss. Such applicants have an advantage over fresh candidates. They have already gone through the trust-building process with the company. In many cases, if the HR team hired them before, they will prefer these individuals again.

Tactics for Internal Hiring Procedure

Internal recruitment can indeed be beneficial. However, there are some tactics a firm needs to implement. It can help you get the perfect candidate for the job from within the company.

  1. Make use of networking and emails. When hiring, you need to make sure that the potential applicants are aware of the job opening. For this purpose, make an announcement on the official website. Additionally, send email and job advertisements to all staff.
  2. Job letters and emails must have all the necessary information. It should inform about the duties of the candidate as well as the benefits they will get. Make clear where to apply and who they should contact.
  3. Make sure that the managers and supervisors of the internal candidates are supportive. They should allow their team to grow. This means, they do not hoard them up and encourage them if the employees want to make a career shift.

Advantages of Internal Recruitment

The hiring of candidates with this procedure is unconventional. That is because many employers are not well aware of its benefits. Here are some reasons why internal recruitment is the ideal method for your workplace:

It Saves Time

When undergoing an urgent hiring process, one would likely prefer employees that are familiar with the work. They are aware of the work culture and dynamics of your firm. That is how internal hiring is can save your time. With fresh recruits, you would first have to test and train them.

It Saves Money

Internal recruiting is also cost-effective. You do not have to spend that much on advertising the job. Just some emails and an official announcement are enough. Because you do not have to train internal candidates, you save much time and money.

Immediate Recruitment

With fresh candidates, you would have to go through their resumes. They would have to undergo a performance test. For them, getting a job is not the end. They may have to go through a training period.

And they may need time to get accustomed to the company’s policies and cooperating with their team. With internal recruits, you save all that effort. The recruitment to working process is almost immediate.

Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment

The process of internal hiring is not fully devoid of any drawbacks. Here are some of the disadvantages of internal recruitment you must know:

Always Leaves an Opening

When a candidate applies for a new job within a firm, he will have to leave his previous job. Now even if you have an internal recruit to fill a position, there is still an opening left.

This cycle continues till the process of internal recruitment continues. Sooner or later, you have to hire an external candidate.

Specific Skill Set

When you are searching for people with specific expertise, you have no choice but to depend on external recruitment. Someone from your firm can not have the position in such cases.

For example, you cannot hire a pediatric surgeon from your hospital if you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon.

Create Awkward Situations

Hiring internally can sometimes create ill feelings among employees. If some coworkers apply for the same position, only one out of them will get selected. This may create resentment among colleagues.

Additionally, if one employee gets selected for a higher-ranked post, there will probably be a change in the workplace hierarchy. It may create awkwardness among his previous colleagues. Hiring a new face is a better option in these situations.

Fresh Concepts

Hiring fresh candidates is probably better for the workforce culture. With new people come new ideas and fresh concepts. They bring far positive changes than internal candidates.

What is External Recruitment?

External recruitment is a more usual way of hiring personnel. It is a job opening where everybody with the required portfolio is allowed to apply. However, the focus is mainly on recruiting new faces instead of internal candidates.

For many people, external employment is the ideal method. It can help reduce unemployment. It can even stabilize the economy. Meanwhile, the company gets a new hire who is full of fresh and creative ideas.

For this reason, external recruitment is an option that employers prefer the most.

Who is an External Applicant?

There is also terminology for people hired through external recruitment. The name ‘external candidate’ suggests someone who is basically an outsider to the company.

Or in other words, someone new who applies for the job or someone who does not already work in that particular company.

These people are mainly fresh university graduates or people who are switching from another firm. They are here to fill in what is missing and to work together with the team.

When you combine contemporary and innovative ideas of the new hires with the skill set and experience of the staff, it will create something people do not see often. Thus, your organization is bound to succeed.

Tactics of the External Hiring Procedure

External recruitment is great and its benefits are unlimited. This process of hiring is not easy by any means. You need a keen eye to go through the resumes of external candidates. This task can indeed be strenuous.

However, there are some tactics to make the process less complicated. Some of them are listed below:

  1. The market is full of skilled and professional people. But you cannot hire them all. All you need is to find a suitable candidate. You can lessen your burden and get professional help. Let an employing agency or the human resources team do it. These people have the right eye for this kind of task.
  2. Social media is available to everyone. The right thing to do is take advantage of this facility. Social media ads have a great reach. Because the number of users is so high. Create a thorough profile and generate appealing and eye-catching ads.
  3. Posting the pop-up ads on your official website is just as important. So that the people interested in your firm can know about the opening. The next step is to publish the advertisement in every important newspaper.
  4. You can also choose to hire directly from the universities. One useful thing to do is join an event of job hirers. Make a presentation about all the necessary information about your organization. These events are full of talented people who may get intrigued by your brand.

Advantages of External Recruitment

Let us make a reasonable claim, hiring through the process of external recruitment is the perfect answer you were looking for. To support our claim, we have enough evidence. For this purpose, we have curated a list of advantages of external recruitment.

Here is a list of just a few of them:

Greater Probability

You should state your requirements for the ideal employee in the job advertisement. This will attract the right candidates. You get the benefit of choice. Thus, among a number of highly skilled of experienced recruits, you can hire the right one.

Improved Development

When hiring new employees, the main focus of the employers is usually the growth of their organization. They will see how a candidate can help them develop. The most suitable employee is the one who questions the existing notions and methods.


Among all the greatest organizations in the world, one factor is common. These companies have the most diverse workforce and personnel. Therefore, you should follow their lead. You can try to make the recruitment process as diverse as possible.

Less Internal Conflicts

When hiring internal recruits, there is a better possibility of the occurrence of workplace conflicts. These recruits beat the already established social order. Other employees resent them for the potential favoritism that may have happened in the process.

On the other hand, hiring external recruits can give rise to healthy workplace competition. This can provide them all a chance to grow and learn from each other.

Disadvantages of External Recruitment

There are positives and negatives in every situation. The same is the case for external recruitment. Getting to know the drawbacks is also important.

Following are the disadvantages of external recruitment:


Hiring from a large number of candidates is essentially a gamble. There is always a chance of you making a wrong choice. You may hire the wrong person. It can even turn into a risky situation. This method is far riskier and more uncertain than internal recruitment.

Consumes Time

Selection is as strenuous of a task as it sounds. You have to spend a lot of time learning about each person or if they possess the right expertise. Later after selection, you have to spend appropriate time with the new hire and coach them.


When you hire a fresh recruit, it is possible that he may not get along with his team. He may not be able to adjust to the new environment. Working in such situations can be for difficult them. It can also affect their work.

It is Costly

The company has to spend more money and resources on fresh candidates. These people prove to be more costly for the company than the internal candidate.

Running a Business During Pandemic

In the year 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic struck us hard. As a result, it shattered the livelihoods of many people. Although, the spread of virus is a health crisis, it also had a substantial impact on the businesses and the markets.

For this reason, only those industries succeeded to remain unfazed that were equipped with latest technologies. These industries maneuvered themselves to adapt to the current environment.

Those markets that refused to redesign themselves to adjust in the situation suffers immense loss. Some of them even had to shut down.

One of the ways many businesses remained unaffected was by forming remote development teams. Here you will find all about remote development teams:

Remote Development Teams During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Before the epidemic of Coronavirus, working remotely was a lot less common. It was almost unheard of. Before Covid-19, there were only 5% of the employees who worked remotely.

Now, since the spread of the virus, almost every employee has shifted to working while being isolated in their homes. Making them stay at home reduces the risk of spreading the infection in the workplace. It is an effective method to control diseases.

At this point, you might be wondering about how to manage your team from far away. We are here to provide you a simple solution for that.

Managing Remote Development Teams

When your personnel is isolated, it certainly creates a gap in your workforce. First of all, you need to accept the changes and the fact that in-person meetings and remote meetings are two entirely different things.

To make things less complicated, we have curated a list of tips to help you lead your remote team:

  1. As a good manager, you should be aware of the fact that you and your team are going through difficult and uncertain times. You should motivate them and promotive positive activities. Make sure that they are provided with psychological help if needed.
  2. Have a proper schedule. If you fail to make a proper work structure you will, in turn, make your business crumble. Make a concise timetable. Make your team follow it. Make sure that they have clear intentions and objectives.
  3. When working remotely, technology can be your best pal. The only thing that connects you to your team is an internet connection. You can use this factor to your advantage. There are a lot of great meeting applications you can find. By purchasing their subscription, your meetings can become a great deal more efficacious.
  4. When working remotely, there is no need to dictate every move of your personnel. You should provide them the freedom to work however they like. Perhaps, the only thing you have to focus on is the result they deliver.

What is Off-shore Development Center

The process of establishing an off-shore development center is similar to that of setting up a new division of your business. A development center is technically a branch you devise in another country.

There are multiple reasons business owners prefer development centers. They may require the help of talented people from other countries. They may do this to expand their business. They may want to develop new products.

For such purposes, remote IT teams can be really beneficial for entrepreneurs.

Formation of Development Centers in Eastern Europe

If you are starting a new business or managing a global enterprise, you must have heard of something along the lines of Eastern Europe as the ideal place for your business. If people suggest you choose this place for the formation of your remote team, let me tell you, you have great business advisors.

Eastern Europe has defeated India, United States, and even Philippines to become the ideal place for establishing remote development centers. And according to us, it is the best place for your business. This is not a groundless claim. There are numerous facts that support our arguments.

One of the biggest reasons is that doing so is not at all costly. The cost of labor is low in Eastern European countries. Secondly, the education standard and accessibility are high there. For this reason, the IT experts there are highly skilled and educated.

These countries are home to the best IT developers in the world. Thirdly, these countries do not face issues related to time zones. This factor makes their work quicker and more efficient.

Reasons why Eastern Europe is the Best Option

The Eastern European states including Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Romania are the most popular choices for establishing IT remote centers among business owners. Below, we have listed some reasons to help you understand why.

The Benefit of Language

Nowadays, for almost every field of work, the knowledge of the English language is highly preferred. Most employers look for candidates that are proficient in this language. And you will be pleased to hear that many of the Eastern European population possess this skill.

Additionally, most of them are bilingual. Thus, you can also get benefit from other competitive languages.

Technical Skills

Many students consider these states as the ideal place to study technology. The field of technology is indeed very competitive. Every year, thousands of people from all around the world go there to learn IT and other related skills.

By having Eastern European employees, you will not have to worry about their capabilities. These individuals may even surpass your permanent staff in terms of skills.

Cost and Value

When it comes to running a business, the best plan is the one that is cost-effective. That is why people prefer Eastern European remote teams. In these areas, the living expenses are not that high. In turn, the wages are also not over the top. You can get excellent work done at relatively less rates than the rest of the world.

What are Recruiting Agencies?

If you have reached this far, the chances are that you are an employer trying to recruit employees. Now that you have learned different types of recruitment for a physical office, you may be wondering how you can hire personnel for a remote office.

This task may sound very complicated to you, but you can seek some help. And recruiting agencies are here to lend a hand. Business owners often rent their services.

What these agencies do is go through thousands of candidates, find the ones that fit the requirements, test them, and take their interviews. Then they assist the employers in finding the perfect candidate.

Recruitment Agencies for Development Centers in Eastern Europe

Now that you know how the Eastern part of Europe is full of unmatched talent, we will tell you how you can open a development center in this area. For this purpose, you will surely need the assistance of a recruiting organization.

The need for hiring agencies becomes really crucial when it comes to establishing IT development centers in the other part of the world. We are here to help find the ideal Information Technology recruiting agency that can help Western companies open development centers in Eastern Europe.

Top 5 IT Recruiting Agencies in Eastern Europe

Here is a list of the top 5 recruiting agencies in Eastern Europe.


DNA325 is a staffing agency based in Ukraine. It is considered one of the world’s best staff agencies. When having a conversation with your fellow entrepreneur, you may have heard about this agency. Everyone who hires it once seems to fall in love with it. Its team is highly professional and skilled in its task.

They have successfully worked with the world’s biggest tech companies. The credibility and customer satisfaction rates from this organization have been given a full 5-stars rating on the employer’s site.


Skillers is a highly influential Telecom recruitment agency. This agency is an active member of the NPA Worldwide Recruitment Network. This factor has made this organization increase its global reach. Skillers is a licensed organization in Ukraine.

You will be pleased to know that it also has a Foreign Employment License. For this reason, the companies from Asia, America, and other continents can also seek its help.


Art2Hire is a hiring agency with a primary focus on the fields of Information Technology. It helps local talented people find careers. For this reason, it partners with global organizations to help with recruiting employees.

Art2Hire does not focus on a computer-driven approach when hiring staff. Instead, it puts its attention on personalization. It calls itself a people-centered recruitment agency. It knows that the resume is not the only thing recruiters need to take into consideration.

It considers achieving gaining the trust of the organizations as its primary aim. This agency makes use of the latest technology and strategies to help employers as well as job seekers.

CNA International

CNA International is a worldwide recruitment agency. It has been operating successfully for almost two decades. This agency has its offices in nearly every continent. It has as many as 50 branches in UK and Europe. This factor has made it the highest-grossing hiring organization in the United Kingdom.

CNA Internationals also provides advisory services. You can consult them regarding hiring skillful people. It prides itself on being customer-friendly.

It has worked with the world’s leading enterprises. It has helped them hire staff and provide remote team services.

Capital Recruiters

Capital Recruiters is one of the leading staff-hiring companies in Ukraine. If you need to outsource some work, you do not have to undergo the troubles of looking for an employee. Capital Recruiters will take this responsibility upon themselves.

One of the biggest burdens for a company is looking for an executive. Under a CEO, a company executive manages every task. This agency is willing to lend a hand in your search for managers and executives for your brand.

One of the best traits of this company is that they do the work in the minimum time possible. The business owners are always satisfied with it because this agency does the work within a deadline.

For this reason, many of the US business groups outsource their work from Capital Recruiters.

Advantages of Working with DNA325

Among all the recruitment agencies, DNA325 has secured the top rank. For establishing a remote IT team in Eastern Europe, many companies prefer this hiring agency. DNA325 has more than a decade’s worth of experience. Till now, it has helped hundreds of thousands of talented people find a job.

There are a great number of reasons why DNA325 is the ideal recruiting organization for you. We have listed a few of them below:

Named as the Top Agency by Clutch

Clutch is a global platform that helps people look for suitable agencies. It is a data-driven and analyzing company. It has partnered with a number of highly influential brands like The Huffington Post, Business Insider, USA Today, Forbes, and many more.

Recently, Clutch has named DNA325 as the top recruitment platform. By achieving this title, DNA325 has become the global leader of hiring agencies.

Highly Professional Project Supervisors

When you hire DNA325 for recruiting a remote team, this agency makes sure to have a project manager supervise the task. These supervisors are highly proficient and experienced. These supervisors will analyze the database, find the required applicants, take their interviews, and have the screening test done.

Weekly Reports

When you outsource your work to DNA325, you do not need to worry about the tasks anymore. You only need to care about the outcomes. This agency will make a record of its work. This way you will get a report every week and at the end of the month. Here you will find important updates, about the candidates, and other goals.

Tests and Assessments

As you know, not all recruitments are made based on the portfolio of the candidates. In some situations, making the applicants go through an assessment is important.

Fluency in the English language is one of the most important skills that employers look for. A test is also important for gauging the proficiency of the English language. It tests the fluency of the candidates.

In conclusion, to form a remote software development and Information Technology teams Eastern European is the place you need to look into. And DNA325 is here to handle the task of forming a faraway software and telecom team.

If you are interested in this prospect and still unsure of which agency to trust, there is no need to hesitate. Contact DNA325 today and avail of their services. We can assure you that you will not feel even a moment of regret.

This recruitment will undertake the task of researching the talent pool, provide timely reports, and provide personalized consultation.