The competition for dope candidates is pretty cut-throat on the Ukrainian market: large stable companies, ambitious start-ups, loaded blockchains, and hotshot western employers. The number of open vacancies is many times greater than the number of candidates actively looking for work. An experienced Middle or Senior Developer with a good background can have from 1 to 3 offers on his hands. Perhaps not the best and not those that he is ready to accept, but still.

About 50% of candidates whose professions are in demand, do not look for work openly. And they only are hired thanks to incoming recruiters’ offers,  referrals, or direct hunting.

Each HR manager understands: a good candidate is a motivated candidate, and the higher the level of motivation of a beginner is, the sooner he acquires the necessary skills at the workplace. The job interview questions you ask, and the answers you get, are key to your evaluation of the applicant’s knowledge, experience, and potential cultural fit in your company. But, how do you spot true motivation during a job interview?

Stages of staff motivation assessment

  • Initial assessment when hiring an employee.

Its primary purpose is to uncover the interest of a potential employee in a hiring company, and whether he is ready for efficient work, what personal tasks he sets for himself. An accurate assessment at this stage allows you to determine job seekers who are worth investing in.

Here we have described the interview phases, closed and open questions and methods of negotiating with applicants.
  • Secondary assessment of current staff

The preeminent purpose of this assessment is to recognize the interest of specific employees in reaching the targets and results of the company as a whole, in personal career growth and development. This assessment aims to identify employees with high potential. It also demonstrates the effectiveness or inefficiency of the current motivation system, which allows to optimize personnel management, as well as to achieve stable and efficient work of staff.

Motivation assessment methods

Motivation assessment methods


In any company, employee motivation must be managed and influenced. For the relevant management of staff encouragement, it is necessary to estimate various motivational levers (incentives), which are a system. The activities of employees aimed at achieving specific results depend not only on their abilities and skills. The efficiency of work is possible only with a proper degree of interest and desire to work.

Candidate motivational profile diagram

Don’t forget about the feedback

Based on the results of the interview, the candidate should receive some

feedback. The interview will be as informative as possible if the HR manager prepares questionnaire forms in advance, where, in the course of communication with the applicant, he will record the answers and characteristics of the person’s response to the questions. Feedback matters on both ends. Companies should also have a Candidate Experience Survey to improve the quality of their work. 

What do the candidates want – is the main question that HR managers must answer before accepting a person into the company. What does he need, what drives him forward? If you make a mistake in determining the incentives, you can easily lose the most promising candidate even at the trial stage. The assessment of the level of a motivational environment of the organization’s personnel is a very difficult task as well, which must be solved by measuring the essentially immeasurable – the motives of the person. Since a human being is a complex system, there are no simple recipes in the field of stimulation and motivation. To obtain practical results, the number of methods isn’t so important as the correct selection of target factors for estimating motivation and understanding how the results will be used. 

A controlled process of encouraging employees to implement specific tasks determines their labor behavior, and the effective use of human resources largely determines the competitive advantages of the company in the market.

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