IT business in Ukraine has been evolving rapidly for the last 15 years. This is the time when Ukrainian businesses started to cooperate with foreign companies and market leaders. Then the world’s companies made sure that the level of the professionals is high enough to solve serious business problems. It was the impetus for success.

Exceptionally talented people are standing at the origins of the success, technical, and engineering talents. Here it is difficult to find the merits of the state or a systematic approach to the development of IT in Ukraine. It all started with talented people first. And then, as a logical continuation, came the development of the export industry.

Ukrainian professionals have mastered their hard skills working with foreign projects and implemented them into a local market. Such an approach helped to build completely new and up to the world standards business. As a result, the inner market was created. However, even today the greatest advantage of Ukrainian’s IT business is people. Talented professionals have a number of advantages. Such specialists have a very conscious attitude towards work and tasks. They also have a high professional discipline. Furthermore, these are creative workers with non-standard thinking, which is quite valuable for the business.

The Ukrainian start-ups can be considered a relatively new notion. In Ukraine, the government was not really interested in developing and investing in local start-ups until recently. The Ukrainian Foundation has become the first state tool in the history of the country to develop domestic start-ups. This finally brought this topic to the national level, and start-ups began to be talked about from every corner, which is very good for their success.

The following chapter will describe the best and most successful Ukrainian start-ups, the number of investments they got, and the expected amount as well.

Top of Ukrainian Start-ups

Over the years, Ukrainian startups have created hundreds of innovative products that did not exist before. Some of them are virtual – applications, sites, technologies. And some are quite real that can be touched. Let’s see what are the most interesting Ukrainian start-ups that were recently created.

ApiX-Drive service – founded in 2019. This is an online connector, a system that will help you link different services via API and set up data transfer between them. It is a kind of digital glue that brings different products together. The platform allows users to create integrations between different types of services. Among them are CRM, mailing and SMS services, quiz makers, social networks, CMS systems, marketplaces, project managers, payment systems, instant messengers, chat bots and other products.

To use the connector, there is no need in technical knowledge and skills, you do not have to write any code. In order to integrate two services, it is enough to link their accounts on the ApiX-Drive website and select the parameters for automatic data transfer. Integration setup is carried out in a simple interface with a lot of prompts – on average, this process takes up to 15 minutes.

Grammarly – Created in 2019. It offers a service for spell-checking, correcting and helps to build communication accordingly, thanks to algorithms – assesses intonation, clarity of utterances, gives contextual clues. The number of customers reaches millions of people every day. Currently, the company is valued at 1.5-2.5 billion US dollars. This year’s investments were around $ 200 million.

GitLab – Started in 2011. Instead of repositories for working on code, the company makes a universal DevOps platform, which packs all the services useful for development. It will allow developers to plan, create, test, package, and publish products, as well as monitor their status and ensure data protection. The company plans to go to an IPO with an estimate of $ 10 billion. In the case of placing their shares on the top mark, the approximate amount of investment might be raised up to $ 700 million.

Comeback Mobility – The startup has developed smart sensors for crutches to monitor the load after illness and injury to the feet. Due to the rapid growth, the company plans to get $ 200,000. The amount is planned to be obtained from inner investors or from the outer ones. Comeback Mobility received a pre-sowing grant from the UFS in the amount of $25,000. The company also aims to get $2-3 million during the pre-seed round.

Esper Bionics – Founded in 2019. Esper Bionics is developing the bionic prosthetic arm, which is connected to its own cloud platform. This allows the device to recognize various hand-use scenarios. This helps to choose the right movement in advance and to have a more accurate detection of muscle activity. The Ukrainian Foundation already granted $50,000 to the company. Esper Bionics is actively raising funds through fundraising. The aim is to close the Seed Round by the end of 2021, which is on average $ 150,000-250,000.

Reface – Founded in 2020. The application was created for entertainment purposes using Face Swap technology. This year the company attracted about $300 000 to $500 000, and the number is planned to be increased for the coming year. The volume of attracted investments last year was more than $ 6 million.

Party Space – The platform that helps to create public events in the form of video chats. This year company has already attracted $ 1 million of investments.

Let’s Enhance – Let’s Enhance is the service created for improving the quality of photos. For the last nine months, the company has attracted $3 million.

Propertymate – A useful service based on AI helps to analyze information about buyers and real estate, predicting which objects are most likely to interest customers. 2021 was quite successful for the start-up as it has joined the three-month Techstars acceleration program, under which the team will receive a $ 120,000 investment. Also, they soon raised $ 1 million from Pragmatech Ventures.

Hirio – Another Ukrainian start-up that works in the field of HR. The main task is to achieve automation of the process for hiring a large number of employees and ensure the flow of individual applications. In 2021 the company has attracted $ 400,000 investment in the pre-seed round.

Kivi – Ukrainian developer of Smart TV. The company has signed a contract with the Chinese electronics manufacturers Shenzhen MTC, which is considered one of the biggest in the region. Starting 2021 the company has already got $13 million of investments from the Chinese manufacturer. The following 5 years presume more investments and implementation of innovative projects.

Careerist – It’s an educational platform that allows beginners that don’t have the proper tech experience to find a job in an IT company. In the pre-seed round of 2021, the company has already attracted $1,25 million.

These are the main part of the Ukrainian startups. The number of creative companies is rising every year.

Today, the business needs a significant amount of IT professionals, and in such a position Ukraine is considered a valuable solution. The local developers compose a unique extensive intelligent IT environment, where creative and innovative ideas are born. Moreover, as you can see, they all are involved in creating valuable solutions that help many people around the world.

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