In the past few years, Ukrainian developers have become very popular in the global IT services market. And there are several reasons for that – besides the government promoting and protecting local IT businesses, being a “techie” in Ukraine is simply considered as a really cool thing. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive startups that have already been implemented in Ukraine’s favorable IT environment.

Ukraine – the Home of Startups?

In fact, the local currency – hryvnia – is going through the rapid decline right now and so small and medium-sized businesses are experiencing pretty hard times. Peculiarly and fortunately, the IT industry is located “on the other side of the barricades”.

The fact is that Ukrainian IT companies manage to so rapidly track and correspond with the latest global software development trends (IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, etc.) that the final solutions created by them show the premium level of quality. It is truly the quality to rival Western software providers.

Moreover, due to the lower standard of living in comparison with countries that have highly developed economies, Ukrainian IT specialists are able to maintain competitive rates. They are usually much lower than those of developers from the USA and Western Europe.

Given all these factors, local IT companies are a real piece of cake for Western investors. You should read this startup research.

Ukrainian IT industry

What about profiled education & local financing?

What Ukrainian IT certainly doesn’t lack is the most powerful knowledge base that local universities provide to their students from year to year. Annually, the largest educational institutions with the 4th and the highest level of accreditation graduate novice specialists in technical specialties. The most talented graduates (or even bachelors), by the way, are frequently hired by the top Ukrainian IT companies.

For the sake of fairness, note that even outside the general education program at the state level, Ukrainian IT companies have always sought to attract new, valuable experts by opening private schools. That’s where they train future IT specialists with a solid guarantee of further employment.

If all is so wonderful with the level of knowledge, what about financing? A year ago, the situation with state support for startups was not so encouraging: if you wanted to promote your project and find the money for it, you had no choice but to try your luck on Kickstarter and similar specialized resources.

But fortunately, Ukrainian IT specialists received a reserve source of government financing at the end of the previous year. Now, one can make a submission for a grant of $25-75 thousand. As you can see, original and inspirational projects can now get a good startup budget locally. 

Best Ukrainian Startups of 2020




Carbominer is a ClimateLaunchpad award-winning project that reduces the amount of “free” CO2 in the atmosphere and thereby stops the negative impact of the greenhouse effect on the planet. In particular, Carbominer is a compact hardware-software complex that absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and delivers it to large greenhouses. Thanks to this, plant growth is accelerated, and the need for artificial CO2 production is completely eliminated.


Atmosphere is a great project that allows you to locally forecast the weather with an accuracy of 200 meters. This is a solution based on the IoT and a neural network that combines weather-sensitive sensors and artificial intelligence into a single whole. 

Thanks to their well-coordinated work, real-time indicators of wind speed, air quality, atmospheric pressureб, and the level of acoustic noise are recorded. It is planned that in the future the neural network will also use data from third-party weather stations, as well as NASA satellites.



The truly ingenious project is designed to help with mine clearance. Unfortunately, the guys from the team had to be inspired by the military situation in the east of the country. The system works simply: the specialized software connects drones and equipment for detecting explosive objects (including artificial intelligence-based solutions). Such a complex of capabilities allows you to remotely minefields without jeopardizing the life of sappers.


Seadora is a wonderful Ukrainian startup that strives to save the inhabitants of the seas and oceans by, as ironically as it may sound, consciously consuming them for food. The fact is that every day, thousands of tons of fish don’t make it into the hands of the final consumer spoiling on the shelves, being transported in inappropriate conditions, etc. But now, we can all help put an end to this squandering thanks to the Seadora project – an online platform where you can order fresh fish from anywhere in the world.


Yet another prominent startup from Ukraine is CamTouch, a portable interactive whiteboard implemented using your existing monitor or projector. You can control elements on the board using a special stylus. This project allows you to turn your familiar visualization devices into interactive devices that can be used for presentations and professional training.


Last but not least, Bicovery is a machine learning solution designed to track the emotional and physical condition of people with bipolar disorder. Bicovery informs patients of upcoming episodes in advance so that they can timely prevent them. Users get to share information about their condition with the attending physician and relatives, as well as receive assistance in crisis situations from other users of the software.


Ukraine is rightfully considered a homeland of IT startups. Local IT providers are ready to give the world something truly unique and worthy, while the world responds with support and delight. 

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