As a recruiter, you need to be able to find new leads, explore opportunities and do that fast. So, we bet you are interested in a few helping tools for yourself. Since most of the recruiter’s work is nowadays performed online, we have gathered a few Chrome extensions which you might find crucial.

Top talent management

All people are different. In fact, you can imagine a team as a garden full of various plants. If not taken care of, they can go wild or dry out. The same happens to people. Their talents need to be nurtured and grown. If not done, employees become less motivated and bring less value to the company.

Also, you might have a new person ready to take over the position in no time. Promoting the right person within the company to a new position gives them a feeling of appreciation, acknowledgment and provides more satisfaction. At the same time, it provides benefits to the company in a form of a motivated and happy employee.

Talent Management Extensions

There are a few extensions you can use to help with the top talent management.

  1. Hello Talent
    Hello Talent is an extension which helps you gather promising candidates’ profiles in one place. You can get info imported within seconds and then add it to a pool, rate, or evaluate it. One can add tags for candidates, share their profile with anyone on the team, and create job opportunities. If you decided to kick it off with the candidate you can email them to arrange things.
  2. MightySourcer
    MightySourcer allows you getting extended information on a candidate found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or GitHub. You can get links to their social media, work experience and education details all in one place. Forwarding the profile to colleagues is available as well as invitations to apply for a job.
  3. Hunter
    Hunter is an extension for gathering information on potential candidates. If you found a profile but need more info, Hunter can help. You can search information by the name of the person. A list of email addresses, social media profiles, phone number, or any other info will be gathered and rated. The rates depend on the likelihood of their accuracy. Hunter can be connected to a number of platforms to get information to the company app.

Time value of money

Time management is an extremely important part of a recruiter’s work. Often the efficiency depends a lot on that. There a few reasons for that:

  • You can achieve more. When you learn to manage your time properly, you can perform your tasks within a shorter period of time.
  • As you learn how to make things easier for yourself, you reduce your stress level. And, thus, you become a happier person in and outside work.
  • If you are good at managing your time, you will find time to develop your own talents as well. And the more you learn, the more valuable you become as a person and as an employee.

Time management tools

To help you navigate through a load of your tasks you might want to install a few helpers.

  1. Toggl
    Toggl Chrome extension is integrated with more than 100 applications over the web and makes tasks tracking as easy as it gets. All you need to do is start the extension in your browser. Toggl can also track your idle time or remind you to switch it on if you forget.
  2. LastPass
    LastPass is a great extension for keeping your login data. It will fill in all the saved details automatically for you. So, you do not have to spend time remembering or filling in all your login details. It might seem like a little thing at first. But if you think about how many resources you use every day, it can be a lifesaver.
  3. OneTab
    This is a very helpful extension to manage a lot of tabs in your browser. You might need some of those later but don’t want to lose them? The OneTab extension puts your tabs into a list. Whenever you need them, you can restore any tab separately or all of them at once.

Social media recruiting

Through social media, you can learn a lot about a potential candidate digital presence, skills, and interests. This helps you decide if they are a good fit for the company. And, given how much time people spend online nowadays, social media became a perfect hunting place.

Helpful extensions

  1. Buffer
    Buffer gives you an opportunity to post on various sites simultaneously. This adds a lot to your time management as you no longer need to switch between platforms to put the same thing out there. You can schedule your posts to be put up while you are busy with other stuff.
  2. Grammarly
    Grammarly has become an essential app for anyone who engages in any kind of communication. It helps you make your texts flawless and, therefore, be perceived more seriously. Besides, you can avoid any unpleasant situations caused by being inattentive.
  3. Signals by HubSpot
    Signals helps you view, who opened your emails. This makes it easier to track new leads and see if they are interested.

In the end

These are just a few extensions which you might find helpful for your work as a recruiter. There are of course many more you can make use of. Keep yourself in the loop for any updates or new releases. This will help you deal with everything you’ve got on your plate.