DNA325 has recently been awarded a prestigious position as a leading recruiting company in the marketing and advertising industry by Clutch! The market research firm works to improve economic efficiency by using a data-driven approach to identify the top B2B companies. For Clutch’s most recent press release, DNA325 joined a large group of companies to be thoroughly evaluated on a series of factors. Our presence in the market, client base, and industry experience were all examined, but the highest contributing factor to our success on Clutch depended on our client ratings and reviews.

A few of our clients took the time to speak to a Clutch research analyst, giving honest comments about their experience working with us. After the interview and Clutch’s intensive analysis of our company, DNA325 was found to be a top HR company, specifically for the marketing and advertising industries. It’s an incredible accomplishment, testimony to our team’s efforts, and only possible because of our clients’ trust in us.

One project our client spoke of and gave us a 5-star review for, consisted of educating a company on the do’s and don’ts of business development, helping with their recruitment process, and hiring and mentoring personnel. We then oversaw operations to ensure success and efficiency. Below is a remarkable comment our client gave to the Clutch team:

“DNA325 stands out because of their full engagement in the project. They are committed to making their clients’ businesses succeed. Even before the start of the project, DNA325 was already giving helpful tips at no charge.“

Our team’s ability to create close partnerships with our clients allows us to truly know what the desired end result is. We are committed to being a company that understands the importance of hiring the right people in order to help businesses have a team that adds value to the mission. Recruiting and staffing the right people for a company is a skill, but no easy one at that. Whether a start-up or enterprise, our team is ready to find the best people for the job to creating a lasting, valuable impact on a business.

We look forward to working with new clients on their business development and HR needs. As a top BPO company, according to Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, our team hold the expertise and proven record of helping companies see growth, have cleaner processes, and meet their business goals. To view some of our recently completed projects or more of our client’s feedback, we invited you to contact us or explore our profile on Clutch.co.