The IT industry is something truly unique. It provides incredible opportunities for any country in the world. However, at the same time, only a few of them can use these opportunities properly. At the moment, the IT world map is colorful and fascinating: the list of IT leaders also includes countries that would be surprising for some people to see there. For instance, Ukraine demonstrates unexpected results.

IT In Ukraine: The Fastest-Growing Industry

Ukrainian IT industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. The breakthrough we can witness now is something unbelievable. A post-soviet country with a rather problematic economic situation involved in a political conflict shakes the world with its IT might.

Despite the common opinion and stereotypes about the weaknesses of this country, Ukraine proves that human resources are the only thing that defines the success. The intellectual potential of Ukraine that we can see is hard to be overestimated.

The number of successful Ukrainian IT companies exceeded one thousand. The financial capacity of the Ukrainian industry reaches up to $20 billion. It should also be mentioned that over 200,000 Ukrainian specialists work in the IT industry. Take a note that these numbers keep growing annually. So, if you consider where to schedule a business meeting this summer, there is no better place than Ukrainian cities and events.

Along with the lightning-fast growth of the IT industry, we can notice that the number of Ukrainian IT events increases as well. Besides small local meet-ups and highly specialized seminars, you can also attend global one-of-a-kind conferences. Usually, such events take place in the largest and the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. Most of the speeches are in English, so IT enthusiasts from different countries can join the discussions and get the unforgettable experience.

We Are Developers Conference

Before we start the list of the Ukrainian conferences, let’s talk about the greatest IT event that takes place this year in Europe. In 2018, Vienna is going to welcome more than 8,000 IT specialists for the We Are Developers Conference. 16th, 17th, and 18th of May will be full of software development innovations, news and joy. There, all the cutting-edge IT trends will be discussed, analyzed and reviewed. The founders of the world’s greatest IT companies and startups will share their experience and knowledge. However, if you did not plan to visit the We Are Developers event, take a look at the following conferences that will take place in Ukraine and have the potential to pleasantly surprise you!

Mobile Fest

The capital of Ukraine is the capital of the Ukrainian IT industry as well. On June 2 the great Mobile Fest will bring the strongest mobile development minds together. The founders of the conference define 3 main reasons to attend it:
They claim that the speeches will be uniquely strong and balanced: no ads, only real knowledge and useful information.
The atmosphere of Mobile Fest will be conducive to meeting new acquaintances and starting business cooperation. Who knows – you may meet the business partner of your lifetime right there.
It is nothing new that poor organization can destroy the general impression from a great event. The founders promised us they have taken care of all the potential issues, so you will be able to experience the event seamlessly.
Doesn’t it all sound great?. You can make sure how cool the event is by yourself just in a couple of days!

8P Internet Marketing Event

Odessa is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. Located on the seashore, it demonstrates not only lovely landscapes but also a strong IT potential. On July 14, “the most summery Internet Marketing event” is going to take place in this city. The 8P conference includes 4 core components:

  • SEO Marketing;
  • Marketing for Web Stores;
  • PPC;
  • Arbitration of Traffic.

Each component will be introduced and analyzed with the help of real use cases. Besides, you will be walked through useful tips and unusual practices, analysis of tools and services, ways to promote a product and attract new customers, etc. Anyone, be it a junior marketing specialist or a SEO manager with 10+ years of experience, will find something vital there.

NgTalks Conference

Angular is one of the most hyped tools in the world of software development. The IT event devoted to this Google product will take place in Kharkiv, the second largest IT city of Ukraine on August 8-11. More than 20 speakers have prepared awesome topics to highlight during the NgTalks Conference. 2 days of workshops and 2 conference days will enrich the knowledge of the participants and open the business opportunities you have always dreamed about.

Jazz Do It Conference

Summertime sadness will not hit you only if you have some marvelous plans for August. So, let it be Odessa again! There is a belief that the sea is lovely at the end of summer. Additionally, the IT event with a musical name Jazz Do It Conference will make you love your trip to Odessa on August 16-19. Cooperation with Koktebel Jazz Festival makes this event special and striking.
This year, you will have the opportunity to choose which side to join during the conference. The point is, organizers offer you to attend one of the two stages: the Dark Side (software development – methodologies and best practices) or the Light Side (trend technologies and innovative approaches).


Summer in Ukraine is full of IT business opportunities. Do not miss the chance to spend these months in Ukraine and experience the software development might of this country by yourself!