Virtual reality viewer is not necessarily an overly expensive, technically and functionally complex accessory. In 2014, in particular, Google publicly announced beginning of production of quite a budget solution – Google Cardboard. Being a simple construction made out of cardboard, special lenses, magnet and velcro fasteners it could provide smartphone users with all the advantages of virtual reality.   

VR viewer in construction and design

As of today, custom printed google cardboard is often used by many corporations to organize 3D tours of manufacturing areas. For instance, such devices are especially popular in the spheres of construction and design. Due to them, potential clients can get a full picture of the future project. The tours are a kind of warranty that the result of work of designers and architects teams corresponds with the client’s most strict requirements.  

It is very important, during the 3D tours, to allow the clients embrace corporate attributes. That way, they can appreciate company’s high profile to full extent, therefore, acquiring the confidence in professionalism of its employees. The best solution for this task is creation of branded VR Cardboard.

What branded VR Cardboard options can we offer?

Ukrainian IT market offers clients one of the most beneficial conditions there are. Pricings of Ukranians’ employment are relatively low, whereas quality of offered services is impeccable. We can display a number of renowned outside our country IT-companies that develop VR-based projects, for example: Augmented Pixels, Sigma Software, Program-Ace, Gloria FX, The Tribe VR etc.

Ukrainian experts, along with foreign developers, take active part in Cardboards manufacturing. Their work is not limited by production of only the original Custom Google Cardboard, there are many options to choose from. The Cardboards with unique design can be potentially useful particularly for your company as they will feature corporate attributes. In particular, one of the most advanced to date VR Cardboard solutions is special helmets made of high-force material (ballistic nylon to be exact).

They are especially designed for repeated use and simple access to VR functionality of user Android and iOS gadgets. You can order a whole lot of goods as well as a few options with individually developed design to emphasize on your organization’s special style. We are standing by to help your team develop the perfect solution for your VR needs. Let us make your ideas a reality or brainstorm together what a custom branded virtual reality viewer can do for your business!


Virtual reality is one of the most rapidly developing concepts nowadays. It can significantly expand the business capabilities as well as make it unique in the visual and aesthetic aspect. With the help of VR, your clients can familiarize themselves with the services you provide first-hand simply by viewing the virtual concepts. Considering low financial expenses required for creation of custom branded VR Cardboards, it proves to be a very reasonable as well as beneficial solution for further development and promotion of your business. Do not be afraid to explore new heights, give a new technology a chance and you will see of what enormous help it can be!