Outsourcing is currently among the top efficient ways to hire specialists. Indeed, why open a new, temporary position to organize efforts for a particular project, waste money on the in-house employee education, and taxes. You can profitably hire narrow-focused experts to cooperate with you remotely and forget about loads of management and cost issues.

In this feature, we’d like to take a look at some top IT outsourcing destinations to clarify the outsourcing market horizon, including such prominent countries as Ukraine, Romania, Poland, and Belarus.   

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine has been a major outsourcing destination for foreign and offshore clients for over ten years, with a giant pool of available specialists and services. There are more reasons for such a tendency, however, including: 

  • High-quality yet affordable expert service. Rates of the same level programmers from countries with a highly-developed economy (like the USA, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, etc.) and of Ukrainian specialists differ dramatically. An average development rate of a Middle developer from the States is about $50-60 per hour. In turn, Ukrainian experts from top Ukraine companies who can boast the matching level of expertise ask about 30 bucks for an hour of work. Even small- and medium-scale projects are looking at some good savings going this way. And if you look well enough, there wouldn’t be any pitfalls, like the insufficient software development experience or whatever;
  • Adaptedness to remote work. The vast majority of Ukrainian IT companies focus strictly on working with clients from abroad. This indicates the fact that most such companies have an adjusted, tried-and-tested scheme of remote cooperation. It, surely, should include the high level of service with timely responses and advanced communication tools involved;
  • The in-depth technical expertise of local specialists. Ukrainian higher education facilities have been eagerly introducing more and more new technical specialties for preparing future IT professionals. And postgraduates get a wide choice of potential occupations in the field. In Ukraine, one becomes a specialist in cybernetics, cybersecurity, neural networks, etc.

    There are also numerous express teaching IT schools where people get to time-efficiently boost qualifications in certain niches. All in all, up to date,
    about 20% of world-renowned companies specializing in software development have headquarters in Ukraine. The country brings hundreds of invaluable specialists to the global IT community regularly, creating a decent competition for Western sectors of labor. 
  • High motivation. Ukrainian IT specialists are quite motivated as a whole due to the conditions of work they are usually provided with by local employers. Career development, comfortable working spaces, business trips, and, surely, good compensation. All of that, combined with sufficient cultural compatibility, is quite enough to encourage workers and motivate them to provide quality, client-oriented service;
  • Good time zone. In remote cooperation, the time zone is among the crucial factors. Thus, Ukraine is in the +2 GMT zone, which doesn’t spawn communication issues for clients based in Western Europe, USA or Canada;
  • Governmental support. Lately, the country’s government has been encouraging IT efforts in various ways. Particularly, it provides utterly loyal conditions for further growth of the local IT establishments’ business operation. This means that you shouldn’t worry about your recently-hired company from Ukraine going bankrupt or getting shut down. 

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IT Outsourcing: Comparing Ukraine With Poland, Belarus, & Romania

For the sake of the maximum objectivity in our praises, let’s make a brief comparison of the software outsourcing tendencies in Ukraine and Poland, Belarus, and Romania. 


A Polish IT sector used to be significantly more prominent in its development than the Ukrainian one back in 2017. Nonetheless, considering a dramatic boost in the number of Ukrainian specialists, which comprised a huge 26%, we expect the situation to change the other way round very soon.

Living in Poland is more expensive, which can’t but reflect on the rates of Polish experts. So if you don’t wish to overpay, Poland my not be the most optimal choice among other available options. 


According to statistics, Belarus has fewer specialists to offer than Ukraine or Poland do. This can be deemed a significant drawback for clients that either take hiring contractors with great caution or have an utterly specific set of project tech requirements. Therefore, Belarus isn’t really about the freedom of choice in the outsourcing aspect.  


Last but not least, Romania, took 28th place in the Global Services Location Index this year. That alone makes a potentially efficient IT outsourcing destination. In this aspect, Ukraine used to have quite a humble progress up until 2015. And during the last four years, it was demonstrating the utterly positive dynamics in the rating of the most offshore service-attractive countries.


Summarizing our brief research, based on strictly objective criteria, we can see that Ukraine is a highly prominent location for IT outsourcing. The country has it all – reasonable prices, high quality of production, deep expertise of specialists, and, above all, focus on building long-term business relationships with foreign clients. 

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