What is the best place to see the swinging life of Ukrainian IT sphere? Where should you go to meet the brightest minds of Ukrainian digital technology? Of course, the best answer to this question is a major conference, meetup or a workshop!

In this post, we will guide you through the major IT going-ons in Ukraine one shouldn’t miss if they want to get in the thick of the IT events before the holiday season rolls in. Here’s out top five!

Outsource People 2017 will take place October 13-14 in Kyiv. It’s an international conference on the business of software development. It will take place for the seventh time this year (the event happens every six months). During two days, 72 reports will be delivered by the international speakers. 350 IT-companies will take part in the event, and the overall audience of it is expected to reach 1200 participants. The will be six flows: Business Strategy, Sales in IT, Marketing in IT, Operational Development, Work for E-commerce and Fail Track. If you wonder who will speak at the event, we should tell you that the list is quite impressive: representatives of Template Monsters, Mirigos, NIX Solutions Ltd, IT Outsourcing Companies, AltexSoft and TEAM International. More speakers are to be announced soon. As for the tickets, the price ranges between $220 – $600. In case you still weigh down the pros and cons of going to this event, you should also know that its main advantage lies in very strong networking opportunities for people who know how to handle business and are passionate about growing it.

AI&BigData Conference is an event that will take place in Lviv on the 4th of November. This is the largest conference in Western Ukraine, devoted to the latest developments in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. It unites researchers and developers from the most varied spheres and allows them to learn about the progress of AI and Big Data and discover how they can use them in their work. Over 20 speakers will deliver exclusive information in three flows, Data Engineering, Data Science and Workshops. Among the speakers, there will representatives of Eleks, Ciklum, VARTEQ, SoftServe, GlobalLogic and Preply.com.

AI&BigData Conference will be interesting for developers, scientists, managers, CEOs and investors, as well as for everyone who is trying to keep track of the latest events in these innovative spheres. The cost of an entry ticket it 1600 – 1900 UAH. There will be an afterparty that is a great opportunity for further networking after the event.

Lviv iCamp 2017 is the 8th major conference, devoted to Internet marketing and digital promotion, that annually takes place in Ukraine. This year, the event will happen on the 11th of November in Lviv. 30 speakers will share their experience to 400 participants in 4 flows, namely SMM Gods, Google AdWords & SEO Academy, Internet Marketing for Everyone and Workshops from the Mentors. Among the speakers are the leaders and top marketers of companies like Promodo, AllBiz, SendPulse, IT Business School and Symphony Solutions.

During the event, every participant will get the chance to learn exclusive first-hand information about formation of a brand in social networks, creation of targeted ads, basics of SEO-promotion, strategy of Google AdWords promotion and ad campaigns analytics, tips and tricks for content marketing, email marketing and creation of ad campaigns, and watch exclusive presentations of the leading marketers. The tickets are 650 – 1300 UAH.

Lviv IT Outsourcing Forum 2017 will be held on November 18, 2017 in Lviv. This is a major event in the life of the Ukrainian IT-community. This year, LIOF will take place for the eleventh time. In November, the conference will unite under one roof over 450 business managers from Ukraine, USA, Germany, Israel, and other European and even Arab countries. The conference will consist of four flows: Outsourcing Business, Business Development/Sales/Marketing, Organizational Maturity, and New Technological Markets/Products. There will also be closed meetings. Lviv Outsourcing Forum speakers are the representatives of Nesco Consulting, Intetics, Quantum, Intellias and many others. Going to this event, you will definitely feel the spirit of the blooming outsourcing community of Ukraine and get an opportunity to speak with its brightest representatives. As for the tickets, they are between $110 – $180.

Those were top-five IT-related events that happen in Ukraine annually. If you cannot make it to any of them, don’t be upset – there are other numerous significant IT events taking place in Ukraine, visiting which you will be able to meet the industry leaders, get the first impression of the rising startups and get into a conversation with the likeminded professionals.

Did you know that Ukraine is among the top-three world leaders in the development of Blockchain technologies? So, this country offers fruitful conditions for the communication and development of the Blockchain community. There are numerous meetups, conferences, and seminars, devoted to the Blockchain, which take place in Ukraine.

Blockchain Summit Kyiv 2017 is another major event that takes place in Ukraine. In 2017, it will be held in Kyiv on the 25th of November.  The total audience of the event is over 10 000 people. This conference will be interesting for FinTech and Blockchain experts, investors, entrepreneurs, insurance, and financial companies, as well as for all the Blockchain enthusiasts. Among the speakers, there will be representatives of Eberhard Lindfordt, A2B.Direct,  btcu.biz, Infopulse, ForkLog and  ICOBox. There will be two flows to choose from: financial and technical. Tickets to Blockchain Summit Kyiv range between $40 – $88.