What do you do when you need information on any topic? Of course, who we turn to depends much on the question and kind of answer we need, but usually for most of us it second nature to google anything on the Internet. Very often, finding trustworthy accurate information on a rare subject becomes quite a challenging task. Sometimes it can even be compared to archeological excavations, where you have to shovel up tons of mud before you bump into a great find.

Top-quality objective content is extremely valuable nowadays, and companies producing it conquer armies of followers rather quickly. In all spheres of business, information given by thought leaders and top professionals is of great worth, and this fact motivates companies to deliver the best content possible to their reader, to share their expertise and raise brand awareness together with brand loyalty.

When you look for information, sometimes the amount of search results can get overwhelming.It can be hard to understand if the website is reliable or not and whether what they say is true.  Let’s talk about top five must-read blogs of Ukrainian IT-sector today. We will tell you about the best blogs where you can find precise answers to the most wide variety of IT-related questions. These blogs will help you stay on top of things and provide you with a lot of exclusive information that is hard to find anywhere else. So, let’s get started


Blog about web and app development, written by masters of their trade. Plus, a YouTube video blog for those who prefer visual information over text. The blog will be interesting for current and prospect app developers, as it answers numerous questions on how to build an app of a given type,what technologies to choose, how to get users to an app and how to keep them engaged in it.

There are must-reads for tech specialists on the blog, as Cleveroad explains complex technologies solutions, dwells on the latest technology trends and events, like Apple WWDC outcomes for the developers.  Designers will easily find good articles to read here as well. Here you can find information about creating design, from wireframes and mockups to details about various types of design to choose from.


iPhone, iPad and Android app development blog, written by Yalantis team, is definitely one of the most frequently updated blogs in the Ukrainian IT. And it is definitely one of the best-looking. Everything Yalantis does looks sharp, so if you are a lover of visual content, you will definitely like their blog.

As for the content itself, the editorial team will gladly share with you the insights of the latest app technology development, give you tech advice on using cutting-edge technology in your digital product, inform you about peculiarities of building design for a given platform, and help you figure out mobile app marketing. It’s worth pointing out that the marketing part of Yalantis blog is very strong and it is a good source for app marketing information, practical advice and comprehensive tips.


Erminesoft blog offers good reading material for those interested in app marketing, design, development, trends and business insights. Quite an impressive choice of subjects, isn’t it? In this blog, you can find first-hand materials from marketing specialists on the cost of marketing an application, App Store optimization tips and lots of other useful relevant content.

App business beginners will find a lot of interesting and useful information in different “How to” articles and learn how to estimate their app development from this blog as well. Erminesoft keeps track of events in the digital industry, so following their blog you will do the same. For example, you can read about app development for the smart home or  types of augmented reality apps on their blog.


That was our overview of the most interesting, professional and insightful blogs in Ukrainian IT. We sincerely hope that these blogs will help you understand some aspects of digital business better and charge you with ideas and inspiration. Enjoy the reading!

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