Every yeah WebSummit conference gather a lot of tech industry leaders in Lisbon to share their thoughts, have a first class networking, find new partners and show their companies. This year’s event has the same benefits and gathered a lot of interesting startups on its WebSummit Startup Alley. Our team has looked through a lot of startups and now we are ready to present you our top choices. So, here is the list of top 10 interesting and little-known startups which our team found interesting and promising.



Industry: Travel

Hamburg, Germany

Petsity connects pets owners and pet-hotels! It’s a platform based service where you can book a hotel for your pet wherever you are. For those how always wanted to travel with their pets, but would like to provide comfortable accommodation for yourself and your favorite.




Industry: Software

Kiev, Ukraine

Online ordering based on predictive technology. Big Data and AI for each restaurant.




Industry: Enterprise

Houston, United States

SafeFlights prevents unapproved parts entry in aerospace supply chains, reducing risks, saving billions: safer flights for people and cargo.




Industry: Software

Vienna, Austria

They developed a DishTracker system powered by machine learning, which recognizes food items and the person serving it to the customer. And all that in real time!




Industry: Clean Tech

Wicklow, Ireland

Fleet is a peer-to-peer vehicle rental platform which allows users to rent vehicles seamlessly with the tap of a button. Fleet is something between Uber and AirBnB. Through the Fleet app, user are in control of your rentals when, and where they want them, and with all cars provided with fully comprehensive insurance.




Industry: HR & Recruiting

Herisau, Switzerland

Tomsfive is a some sort of dating style jobs vs applicants matching platform. Recruiters can specify the requirements and the personal fit of ideal candidate and platform will choose the best fit for recruiters’ requirements. But unlike other platforms, Tomsfive charge monthly subscription instead of per-hire or per-match payment.




Industry: HR & Recruiting

Dublin, Ireland

GetCoder is a new candidate’s aggregating platform focused on developers from different countries. But the most interesting part is the way it gather candidates – this system analyze the source code of million developers from Github and summarized their real experience and skills into one form. So you can search a developer with some specific technology experience in a certain location. That is really a gem for recruiters who are looking for some extraordinary coder.




Industry: Education

London, United Kingdom

The mobile app that is designed to teach and track students wellness in schools. It’s creators claim that their app helps young people understand their feelings, communicate appropriately, and choose actions that help them achieve their goals. And also it gives educators, parents, and guardians the help they need to support the mental health of their students.


Teamwork Family

Industry: Fintech

Copenhagen, Denmark

Fintech startup which helps divorced families to be on track with their social security agreement, financial arrangements and the costs of their common children. Also Teamwork Family helps arrange all required documents to create “the foundation of “the good” divorce”.




Industry: Medtech

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Takamul is an innovation support program developed and operated by Department of Economic Development which aims to help Emirati individuals, universities and enterprises in Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE, to protect and commercialize their innovative ideas in the medtech industry.