On May 19-20, Odessa will host the annual Mobile Beach Conference, the largest open-air mobile marketing conference in Eastern Europe. The DNA325 team attends this conference from the very beginning and we know how good speakers there are and what nice networking you can get on MBC.  Participants will listen to top speakers, share their own experiences and simply make deals. In comparison with the conference in 2017, organizers () plan to expand at least twice and MBC2018 supposed to host more than 1200 attendees.

Unlike those boring events, #MBC2018, as well as previous MBC events, will be organized in the infotainment format. So you can expect that we won’t be bored, and you can always find something that is right for your business needs: whether share an experience, find new partnerships, make a nice deal or just have fun. 

How it was in 2017:


In 2018, to the traditional topics of mobile marketing, organizers have been added innovative themes such as video, VR, AR and AI! The content will be interesting to entrepreneurs, C-level executives, marketers, start-ups, industry leaders and CEO of companies.

Top-level speakers are the strength of the MBC. The representatives of such companies as Shazam, EA Games, Google, Looksery, MSQRD, AdColony, AppsFlyers, Unity, WarGaming have already spoken on MBC in the past years!

In parallel with the educational program of the conference, MBC organizers also worked hard for preparing entertaining part. The day before the start of the conference, on May 18 at 21:00 on the Black Sea coast in Ibiza beach club there will be a pre-party with cool headliner, cocktails and lots of opportunities to meet new acquaintances. The next two days will take place in a relaxed atmosphere on the beach, which provides fruitful conversations and productive networking.

So if you are in the mobile industry and you are looking for the way to grow your business, don’t hesitate to participate! We are happy to recommend this event!

You can book an EARLY BIRD TICKETS.
Hurry up! The number of tickets at the lowest price is strictly limited. The price will rise at Dec 6.

Join MBC2018 right away and we will be happy to meet you there!