The recruitment market has changed dramatically during 2020-2021. On the one hand, all the hiring processes are held online (so-called E-Recruitment) due to world pandemic restrictions. On the other hand, it became even more difficult for companies to find and hire skilled enough employees. It mainly concerns the IT field.

Specialists with valuable backgrounds and a stack of technologies are in high demand, and sometimes companies cannot find the appropriate candidate themselves. In this case, it’s a good idea to get help from IT recruitment agencies or separate specialists.

What is an IT recruitment specialist or agency?

As we already mentioned above, hiring tech talents is a challenging and expensive task. If the company wants to employ the best specialists, it must be ready to pay a lot and provide the staff with unique pros not available by competitors. Among them could be mentioned good health insurance, professional education, bonuses, trips and so on.

Usually, companies try to search for appropriate candidates alone when it comes to mid-level and entry-level specialists. But hiring responsible managers or team leads may require professional assistance from IT recruitment agencies.

IT recruitment firms and private recruitment specialists’ main goal is to find skilled pros corresponding to the client company’s requirements. Here is how it works. All recruiting processes consist of parts that lead to the main result – hiring the company’s needed specialist. In the first stage, an IT recruitment company gets the job positions that have to be closed and analyzes what particular professional background is required. Then it comes to the direct candidates’ selection. The agency posts job offers on different websites, gathers all the CVs, looks through them, and makes a pool of the best candidates. The next step is the first interview with the candidate before getting acquainted with the future employer.

The IT recruitment firm accompanies the company and the potential employee throughout the entire communication and all levels of interviews. It provides the dialog between both parts of the negotiation, gives recommendations, and finds the final agreement.

What is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

The recruitment process may be pretty complex and lengthy. So there is no surprise that more companies nowadays prefer to outsource it to partners. Such a decision helps to save money, time, and effort. Instead of having professional HRs in-house, businesses transfer their functions to recruitment process outsourcing companies.

RPO companies may be responsible for the whole recruitment process, including onboarding, for example, or just one or several parts (searching for candidates, first interviews, general hiring processes coordination, etc.). RPO works for placing particular people in the company but not for their performance. That is the main feature of the recruitment process outsourcing.

RPO teams may work under different models like:

  • End-to-end RPO means providing solutions for a single market, country, region, or all over the world. It may include hiring staff for concrete functions or the whole company.
  • Project RPO solutions help a company needs to hire a talent acquisition team for some specific reason. The time frames and tasks limit collaboration.
  • The on-demand Recruiter model also implies attracting HR specialists for a project. The only difference is that the client company gets 1 or 2 outsourced talent acquisition managers instead of the team.

RPO for startups

Startups are one of the most frequent customers of RPO providers. First, they need to grow fast and hire only really required specialists. Second, startups are limited with financial resources and have to spend money wisely. IT employee outsourced recruitment may become a good solution in these circumstances.

The startup should think about RPO when:

  • It raised investments.
  • It knows that the market is ready for a tremendous start.
  • It has to meet the growth plan.

RPO benefits for the startup

A dedicated talent acquisition team may help the new company find excellent candidates with specific skills without creating a department and paying the permanent HR team. So, RPO solutions may save a lot of money and provide potentially better service.

Collaboration with the RPO companies may lead a startup to the new development level with professional hiring and selecting people who match the background and the attitude to work, outlook, etc.

RPO for enterprises

Big companies are interested in attracting only highly skilled IT professionals with a detailed list of available technologies. RPO companies know where to find such staff.

RPO benefits for enterprises

Recruitment process outsourcing companies are also helpful for big enterprises with hundreds or even thousands of people employed. Thanks to the years of experience, fulfilled projects, and relevant databases, they may predict what IT specialists and technologies will be on-demand and recommend companies to hire them beforehand without unnecessary money and time loss. 

At the same time, RPO will take a lot of time-consuming functions from the in-house HR department and free up resources for team support, training, and other essential tasks.

Why offshoring IT recruitment to Ukraine is worth trying

To low the costs, IT companies are looking for solutions that may allow spending less on development without losing the quality. Offshoring will help to get these results. The only thing here is to choose the correct location. You may take a look at Ukraine because:

  • It’s one of the leading IT hubs in Europe.
  • The number of IT specialists in Ukraine increased up to 180K people (statistics 2020).
  • Ukrainian IT specialists work with various technologies and coding languages from Java to Data Science.

One more profitable feature of the Ukrainian IT market – relatively low price. IT recruitment fees will also be attractive. You will not pay twice but get the working product.

What to start with

If you want to offshore your development functions in Ukraine or any other country, just find an IT recruitment outsourcing company you wish to collaborate with. It will be responsible for organizing all the processes from hiring the development team to managing and controlling.