About company

iSG2 Technologies has been providing top-notch software and services to Fortune 100 clients in the metals, automotive and energy sectors since 2002. The headquarters are located in Chicago, the USA. iSG2 software enables users to manage part information, recommend order size and timing for metals with producing mills, track material through intermediate processors, manage transportation (truck, rail, barge/ocean vessel) and warehousing functions.


When iSG2 business needed to scale up in size, but also retain talent, Co-Founders decided to move from the classical outsourcing model and recruit in-house employees. Their goal was to develop a long term partnership with a company that would thoroughly understand the IT sector and help to gather talent that would meet both their current and future needs so top management of iSG2 could focus on their core competencies. Considering that it was supposed to be a remote team, iSG2 needed someone to manage their employees on a day-to-day basis under one roof. DNA325 SPaaS solution provides a unique working environment and ecosystem for its residents. It was a challenge to open an R & D centre almost from scratch in a short time.

Cooperation with DNA325

iSG2 started working with DNA325 in February 2019 and has been growing together ever since. The main goal was to select people according to the values of the company, so they could work together with the existing team. The customer gave a lot of attention to each candidate, who could become a potential team member. DNA325 hired 4 specialists for iSG2:

  1. A tech support (help desk) specialist. Besides the standard requirements, this position involved work on night shifts. We provided the customer with 7 qualified candidates, and 3 of them moved to the final round. DNA325 managed to find a perfect match, that exceeded initial expectations by having extensive background in database management and logistics. This experience allowed to reevaluate the role and the scope of work.  In half a year our candidate demonstrated continuous development and was promoted to the project manager role. 
  2. Designer/Web Developer. This position was closed the fastest, in a week and a half only. With 7 candidates in the short list, iSG2 saw the bigger potential in one of the finalysts and he was hired as a Frontend specialist. 
  3. Angular Frontend Developer. The pool for this position is usually really small, especially in Odessa. The recruiters went above and beyond and sourced the candidate who had just finished working in Southeastern Asia and wanted to come back to Ukraine. The candidate’s hard and soft skills matched equally. 
  4. Senior Java Developer. It was the biggest challenge. The team wanted to find someone with the potential to become an Architect. DNA325 formed a high-quality and massive pool of candidates for interviews, which provided the team with the opportunity to take their time with the selection and choose the best of the best. The whole process took 2 and a half months, interviews were conducted by programmers with 10+ years of experience. Finally, with 8 candidates in the final round they chose the one. 

         The company trusted DNA325 100%. After each interview, the recruiters took part in the negotiations and their vote mattered. Now Ukrainian part of the iSG2 team is a DNA325 resident. DNA325 provides HR consulting services to aid in navigating the local market, accounting, and legal landscapes.

iSG2 has a dedicated specialist (Account manager) fully immersed in their project. Recruiters and administrative personnel of DNA325 interact with the iSG2 team directly. iSG2 Odessa team participates in all corporate meetups and attends English lessons.