There comes a time in a business owner’s life when it is time to enter the commercial arena like a ‘real deal’ player – with one’s custom-built corporate software at hand. The most common way to set up profitable, time-efficient development of an authentic solution or promotion of an existing one is to find a specialized company. The most obvious way to find a contractor enterprise is Google (or any other search engine). Realizing the tendency clearly, every other IT company believes that a perfect way to efficiently sell their products is to get into top search results by relevant requests.

Nonetheless, we all know well enough how complex it is to get into that highly sought after, competitive area of search. The strongest, hugest players usually keep the lead, which either possess colossal budgets or a well-established name, like Quora, Hacker Noon, etc. Corporations stamp out ambitious, cost-efficient, yet integral service providers on a regular basis.

How to not get entangled in an invariably no-win search engine struggle? It’s all in the leads – they are your best intermediaries for driving traffic, customer attention, and sales to your solution distributing resource. And online B2B directories can help you boost the efficiency of your lead-attraction endeavors dramatically. Let’s take a brief look at top 14 such directories.  

Top 14 Websites for Boosted Lead Attraction

Below, we list resources at which it will be most reasonable to place your B2B service offers.

  • Clutch. The Clutch is among the top three leading digital directories in Google search results. It is a perfect place to promote company offers related to SEO, marketing, as well as design and web development.
  • CrunchBase. Up to date, the service stores about 30 thousand professional offers related to web dev and online marketing services. B2B providers tend to prefer this one for the convenient filtering system.
  • Curata. Those specializing in the creation of high-quality marketing content should seek to place their company descriptions at Curata. The website best fits agencies focused on advertising and PR.
  • G2 Crowd. G2 Crowd allows thousands of firms specializing in hi-tech related fields and software development. All service offers are sorted there by 17 categories, which makes the search on the website simpler both for contractors and clients.
  • GoodFirms. Another prominent platform for placing professional info of companies specializing in software building. Clients favor GoodFirms for the integrity of company ratings.
  • SAP. On top of promoting your SaaS services, this resource also allows small- and medium-scale businesses attract leads from six different categories of activity: Energy and Natural Resources, Financial Services, Consumer Industries, Discrete Industries, Service Industries, and Public Services.
  • Software Advice. At Software Advice, a customer can browse through feedback of clients and check or get included in the company lists subdivided by over 300 categories.
  • With this site, business owners can get an analysis of existing offers and take utterly reasonable decisions in choosing a dev establishment.
  • Businessofapps. Businessofapps helps to find the best experts in the field of software construction and related niches (web design, web development, SEO, content marketing, etc.).
  • lets one objectively compare thousands of small- and medium-scale companies (mostly from an IT sector) by most important business metrics.
  • Thinkmobiles. It is a Ukrainian company distributing outsourced dev services among clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Western European countries.
  • Upcity. A perfect solution for business owners and founders that are based in North America and looking for a team to work on concrete tasks in the digital marketing sector.
  • Appfutura. Appfutura will be an excellent choice for those looking to find experienced, qualified experts in the development of mobile applications and web solutions, as well as in digital marketing as fast as possible.
  • Wadline. Yet another one popular service to look for IT specialists, which helps to find the best, balanced in terms of price and quality options.
  • Alibaba. Despite this resource being popular primarily as a place to realize wholesale distribution, one can also browse through custom software creators’ names list here.

Tips on Getting Leads Through Directories

In order to get in the top results of some above-mentioned website (instead of fruitlessly fighting for Google tops), you should follow one obvious and simple, but crucial advice: strive for as many good-spirited user reviews as possible. Other, not so obvious tips:

  • don’t spread your offers over too many categories, but don’t limit yourself with just one category as well;
  • use paid advertising suggested by the mentioned resources – it will automatically boost your position among the options presented on the site;
  • be patient: most directories require client approvals, which may take several months to get.

And choosing the most proper directories for the promotion of your particular business, make sure to:

  • use keywords closely related to your company’s specialization, with ‘hypey’ adjectives like ‘top’ and ‘best’ (e.g., top mobile software development companies);
  • google these keyphrases adding also – ‘AND intitle [COMPETITOR]’ or ‘AND intitle reviews’;
  • make sure that the services you see in tops attract the organic traffic;
  • go through local options (just add the name of a city after the keyphrase);
  • pay attention also to relatively new services, like,, and;
  • try to get listed directly, by clicking ‘Get listed’ in the required directory or sending an email;
  • check your spam folders, some directories send requests to list you, while their letters can be marked as spam by your email;


To sum everything up, all the b2b directories mentioned in the article can and will help you locate your business name in front of potential clients’ eyes without taking too much market struggling effort. And if you wish to save yourself from the effort of browsing these directories as well, you can fully dedicate efficient promotion of your business to the experienced, highly-skilled experts from DNA325!