About the company

Company X (we can’t disclose the name because of NDA) is located in the USA and is developing VR/AR-capable social games with a standout approach. Their biggest and most anticipated project is game Y, a revolutionary avatar system: interactive, customizable, and performant. The company’s main goal is to create the perfect illusion for interpersonal, virtual interactions, consequently developing the base for Social VR, virtual assistants, and modern nonviolent games.


Company X had planned the release of the beta version of Y game by Q1 of 2021. They needed to scale up and enlarge their team with 6 new members in 3 months.  They were looking for a remote team  from CIS region (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia) consisting of:

  • 3 Unity Developers;
  • Project Manager (technical manager);
  • 3D Artist;
  • Story and Dialogue Writer.

They previously worked with Ukrainian freelancers but they wanted to have their in-house team. X’s team was overall satisfied with the work of Ukrainian specialists who are proactive, dedicated and not afraid to speak their mind and accept criticism.

Cooperation with DNA325

It was an engaging challenge for the DNA325 team. The company X specifically requested to contact people who had been working in game development for at least 3 years. For the first month our recruiters extensively head hunted specialists from top gaming companies in Ukraine. Unity developers were very passive in response. A lot of guys had experience in mobile development only which was a deal breaker for the client. DNA325 interviewed more than 20 candidates to find the perfect match. Only 5 candidates successfully passed the technical assignment. It was an online real-time project which could be done within 4 hours. Upon the completion, the candidate provided a solution. Then, together with the CTO and the Lead Engineer, who conducted the interviews, they discussed the solution. One of the candidates had the necessary team lead experience and project management skills, he filled in the position of a Technical Project Manager. There are many talented 3D artists in Ukraine so the search wasn’t drawn-out. Most of the candidates had killer portfolios, top 3 made it to the final round. Company X ended up hiring the candidate with the most authentic and cutting-edge vision. Last but not least – Dialogue Writer position. DNA325 has a big pool of non-technical specialists in our base. The major requirement was to have a close to native level of English and be passionate about gaming. Obviously the latter goes without saying for all the closed positions, but advanced English was a specific requirement for the story writer.

Company X’s interaction was very rewarding for both parties involved: the company got the best remote team they could imagine, and DNA325 obtained valuable experience since it was the first client from the gaming industry.