Despite the global crisis in 2020, Ukrainian IT has great potential. Market conditions and the current situation affect the pace of development, but the expertise of engineering talent means a lot. We are already seeing positive dynamics in the local market. According to DOU, more than 5 thousand positions were opened in the market in July alone. 

In 2020, the Ukrainian IT market slowed the growth down a bit, but hasn’t stopped it. 30% of companies have significantly increased the percentage of open vacancies. IT professionals are used to working remotely, and the demand for digital business transformation is growing globally. Customers from the US and the EU will not leave the Ukrainian market, and companies will diversify their portfolio of clients and projects.

DNA325 also made a tangible contribution to the employment of Ukrainian technical and non-technical specialists in foreign companies. We previously worked with customers from the USA, Germany, and Israel, but in 2020 we were “noted” on two more continents:

  • SuperDataScience is an Australian startup, an online educational platform for Data Scientists enthusiasts around the globe. The company strives to create the ideal community and recruiting platform for all Data Scientists. By joining the community, you can master Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence technologies. SDS team is distributed around the world. 

DNA325 was helping the company to hire a Marketing Strategist and a Head of Marketing. SDS executives have heard only great things about the tactics and strategic marketing skills of Ukrainian employees. SuperDataScience has a unique 5-step hiring process, apart from regular interviews with hiring managers and a case study, includes a Culture Fit interview, a meeting with a Coach who evaluates how well a candidate’s personality will fit into the company’s corporate culture. SDS provides a lot of benefits for their employees, such as learning and development opportunities, unlimited personal time off, and paid annual team retreat in the coolest places on the Earth. The company was so satisfied with our cooperation that they gave us a technical position to work on. DNA325 is working on adding a Ukrainian Frontend Developer to the current Colombian SDS technical team.

  • Pixelmatic is a Chinese game development studio founded by industry veterans from Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and Relic, who have worked on: StarCraft, Diablo II, Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft. The main office is in Shanghai, but part of the team is located in Canada, France, Philippines. Their mission is to spark people’s imaginations through games. The guys concentrate on creating fun games that are truly social and create new connections. DNA325 was looking for a Senior Network Engineer for their MMORTS game Infinite Fleet. The project is in the final stages of an alpha version so they needed a specialist asap. It was one of the most challenging projects for DNA325 because Pixelmatic was our first client from the game development industry.

DNA325 could not stand aside and not offer its help to the Belorus IT community after the August events. This is how the product company Amasty, the developer of Magento products and the official partner of Magento Commerce, became our client. During the original negotiations, the goal was to open a back office in Kyiv, but in the process of communication, we managed to show the advantages of the Odesa region. DNA325 is now hiring Chat Agents (Customer Support) and Technical Support Engineers. Amasty also wants to scale up by hiring the developers. All the future employees will be placed at our DNA325 Hub. 

Last but not least was the entry of DNA325 into the Scandinavian market. This fall, two new young companies from Sweden became our clients:

  • Wincher is a product company. Their main product is a SEO tool that tracks all the keywords with daily updates and monitors your competitors. They are currently rebuilding the entire platform from the ground up to modernize the stack and prepare for the integration of new products in the future. Guys were looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer with quite an unusual stack. The DNA325 team looked around Ukraine and managed to find a needle in a haystack. CEO and COO, both developers, were so impressed with a candidate that they hired him without a technical task.
  • GRC Media connects with large media companies and creates additional revenue streams through affiliate marketing. GRC Media is currently operating on four continents, and they are looking to expand even further. To do so, they wanted to hire a Lead Generation/Outreach specialist. The hardest part was to find someone who spoke Spanish on a native speaker level. The CEO originally intended to hire only one person but ended up hiring two (English-speaking and Spanish-speaking). In the hiring process, this role evolved into a business development manager.

DNA325 acts as a local partner to an international company, many of which have never worked with Ukrainians. This year, our geography has been expanded by the UAE and the UK as well, and we hope to consolidate these ties and create even more new ones. We help solve legal and accounting difficulties that may arise. We continue our noble mission – to connect Ukrainian talents with foreign customers directly. 

Ukraine is one of the most promising regions for companies of all sizes looking for competent, responsible, and hardworking freelancers, whose services are inexpensive, for various projects. In the field of IT and software, Ukraine is currently the best option.

Hundreds international companies in the field of telecommunications, e-commerce, software development, and game creation have located their offices in Ukraine. The percentage of Ukrainian software engineers is the highest in Central and Eastern Europe.