AT DNA325, we focus on providing quality deliverables and services to help all stakeholders involved succeed. With the core of our business being IT recruitment and business process outsourcing, our team in Ukraine helps North American companies have the support they need for their challenges to be solved. Whether that be for HR, marketing, or business development initiatives, we have the skilled experts, years of experience, and commitment to provide exceptional results. This ensures our clients are exceedingly satisfied with our work and methods of delivery. The tricky matter is, how do clients find us and know we will be the reliable team they need?

With the help of Clutch, a platform that showcases the leading firms for a variety of services, we are thrilled to present DNA325’s profile and feature as a Top HR Company. Our superior efforts in HR & BPO consulting led us to be ranked ninth out of 44 listed companies!

Clutch analysts examined dozens of companies for a multitude of factors, including services offered, proven experience in the field, and quality of previous work. Another amongst these factors, and the most important, is client feedback. Clients participated in one-on-one interviews with Clutch analysts, giving honest feedback about the specifics of the services provided, and the results and organization of the engagement.

One of our clients, the President of a tech consulting firm in Chicago, described our business development services in detail:

DNA325 educated us on the concept of business development, explaining how it should be structured. Then, they helped us recruit and mentor people and groom them for our goals. They also helped us draft paperwork, develop KPIs [key performance indicators], and different types of contracts…

And praised us for our commitment:

They are fully engaged in our project. We see how they try hard helping us and taking us to the next level. That makes DNA325 stand out from the crowd.

We are delighted to be featured as a leading company, and cannot wait to meet new clients to assist and foster long-term relationships with! For full insight into our work, head over to our list of services or simply contact us.