Black Sea, July and … Data. The first international Data Summer Conference in Odessa was held on July 21st, 2018. This conference hosted local and international experts in the data management area. Throughout the day, conference participants could visit lectures, workshops, panel discussions and enjoy afterparty on the seashore. The lecture unit was divided into two categories: Big Data & IOT and Data Science. There were fourteen speakers, that talked on the topic of Data: Giuseppe Angelo Porcelli, Jonathan Taws, Sri Sri Perangur, Akmal Chaudhri, Roman Storchak, Rudradeb Mitra, Jacek Laskowski, Fedor Navruzov, Giorgi Jvaridze, Dmitry Korobchenko, Javier Rodriguez Zaurin, Stepan Pushkarev, Vadim Chelyshov, Oleksandr Saienko.

Big Data and Data Science Importance

Sure thing, both Big Data and Data Science are very important in the modern world, it has especially big role in business. Let’s regard each of these areas individually.

Data Science

Taking to consideration the fact that there is a large value in data processing and equally large value in data analysis, let’s give a look at the reasons why Data Science is so useful for business. First of all, it is used to mitigate risks and frauds. Data scientists are engaged in the discovery of data that is different in a certain way, as the reason for the appearance of such a date may be the attempt of fraud. They create data methodologies to predict possible frauds and use them to help respond to unusual data in time. Data Science is also useful for delivery of the products. Organizations, that use Data Science to deliver products can find out when and where it is best to sell their goods. It helps delivering correct products at the correct time, and it also helps companies to come up with a new product that meet customer needs better. One of the most interesting benefits of Data Science is the ability to take into account personal experience of clients and thus get the opportunity to sell and create marketing groups to understand their target audience at a very competent level. With this information organizations may create the best approach for each client.

Big Data

Now let’s talk of how Big Data can be useful in business. Due to it, we have the opportunity to get such a detailed feedback about the product which you cannot get through social polling. The second great strength of the Big Data is comparative analysis. By using it, you may compare your products to another ones that are in the market by cross-analyzing user behavior. You may also use it in order to see how consumers interact with businesses in your sector. Another relevant feature of Big Data is marketing analytics. Basically it is information that you get as a result of marketing analytics. With its help you can sell new products to your target audience more accurately. Also, you can increase the convenience of using your website and enhance customer engagement by analyzing Big Data from many sources.

Conference Top Steakers

Dmitry Korobchenko (Deep Learning R&D Engineer, NVIDIA Ltd)

Dmitry was truly one of the most brightest speakers of the conference. He spoke on the topic “How to Accelerate Neural Network” and he also explained why neural network is the future of Data Science. By using neural network we have the opportunity to teach machines how to use external factors to change their behavior and thus teach them to adapt to the environment in which they are located. This way, it will be much more convenient to work with modern technologies, because they will not simply perform the given commands, but will be given opportunity to use the previous experience in order to better handle their tasks.

Javier Rodriguez Zaurin (Data Scientist, Simply Business)

Javier spoke on the topic “From the Math to the Business Value” and made it another great performance on the conference. He spoke of how image recognition is important for artificial intelligence. There is a need to solve the problem of practical processing AI on the platform to make image recognition work, as converting data to a labeled dataset is a very complicated and costly process. Until this is done, most companies will struggle with adopting AI. Javier also spoke of NLP, which sits in the intersection of machine learning, statistics and linguistics. NLP has an aim to help machines decipher the context of written or spoken language, as communicated by humans. Recommendations, that are based on the content  were also mentioned in his speech as a system, that is widely used now to provide the highest quality and personalized content to individuals.


In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who made an effort to organize the conference, especially to Provectus Team. Also, we would like to thank organizers for the highly qualified speakers and the chance to join Ukrainian Data Science Community.