Ukrainian Mobile Marketing Services: What Do They Have To Offer?

Nowadays, when every aspect of our life can be facilitated with the help of technology, it is extremely challenging to get through with a new digital product. This is especially true for apps. According to Statista, there are over 2.8 million apps on Google Play and over 2.2 million apps in the App Store, as of 2017. How do you get noticed in such a mass of products and how do you hold the field if you already managed to break into the big time?

The answer is marketing. With the right tools, methods, and professionals you will be able to reach your target audience and conquer their attention and loyalty.

Professional mobile marketing services are widely offered across Ukraine. There are companies that offer all kinds of marketing and advertising solutions locally as well as globally. Today, we will tell you more about them and perhaps one day some of them will help you make your app the next Instagram, Snapchat or Slack.

As previously noted, the sector of mobile app marketing in Ukraine is represented by a number of companies. We picked top 5 companies that are definitely worth being written about. They are Clickky, Tapgerine, ZENNA, OFFERSEVEN and MobAir. Let’s take a closer look at them to discover, what they have to offer and which one you can turn to depending on your app marketing needs.

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Let’s start getting acquainted with the Ukrainian mobile marketing from Clickky, an IT-company that offers solutions for advertisers and publishers. Being one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, it now can boast of five offices in five countries (Ukraine, USA, Russia, India and China). It is a unique advertising platform that offers complex solutions for mobile monetization and user acquisition. Solutions for advertisers that Clickky offers include a self-serve platform that enables quick launch and optimization of mobile advertising campaigns. Solutions for publishers offer a self-serve platform that will be of great use to website owners and app developers. API solutions are offered for every service.

What’s also important, according to the reviews of current and past employees, Clickky is one of the best places to work in Odessa, the capital of Ukrainian mobile traffic. The company offers excellent working conditions to its employees and channels much efforts into their education, teambuilding and recreation activities. No wonder that the Clickky team gets amazing results and boasts of numerous satisfied clients, whose expectations were exceeded.

According to Forbes Ukraine, the annual revenue of Clickky is about $4 million. As the competition on the market is rather intense, the company constantly strives for innovation and improvement, and its ambitious goal for 2017 is to reach the revenue of $15 million. Apart from offering its services, Clickky has been organizing annual Mobile Beach Conference for three years so far. This is a highly popular international mobile marketing conference for advertisers, publishers, entrepreneurs, investors and startups. Mobile Beach Conference is called the most extraordinary conference in the field.

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Tapgerine is another successful Ukrainian IT-company offering solutions for advertisers and publishers. It focuses on the global app ecosystem, helping its clients with advertising and monetization by means of data-driven solutions. Tapgerine can implement media strategies of their clients and help them get more users across all channels and devices.

The company has three products to offer: Tapgerine Ad Platform (a program for lead generation and user acquisition), Superlink (a traffic monetization solution) and Traffic Distribution System (a set of tools for mobile traffic monetization).

Tapgerine’s headquarters are located in Las Vegas, and the operating office is in Odessa. With nearly 80 professionals working in the team, the company helped top mobile developers acquire millions of users to their products globally. The main benefits Tapgerine offers its clients are top campaigns that get payouts from more than 200 countries, in-house real-time platform with a dedicated affiliate managers and support, direct offers and exclusive promotional creatives. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Tapgerine also cares about the community of professionals: the company holds the Spring Course in the Academy of Mobile Marketing. During intensive workshops, students learn the basics of mobile marketing and sales, discover the trends of mobile industry and its peculiarities, learn how to work with publishers and how to  be a perfect account manager. The most talented and diligent students can count on getting the position in the company.

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OFFERSEVEN is one more well-known mobile app marketing platform that offers its services globally. It has nearly 50 employees and the head office in Las Vegas and the operating office in Odessa. The company has years of experience in the global mobile market and numerous success cases to boast of.

The major competitive advantages of OFFERSEVEN are:

  • Target all mobile platforms;
  • Offer a fully automated platform;
  • Offer a ROI-focused system;
  • Provide comprehensive accurate reports;
  • Provide comprehensive offers for Apps, Desktop, Games, Mobile Content, Social, Travel, Utilities and Web.

As you can see, OFFERSEVEN is a strong player in the marketing and advertising sector. Their terms of payment are convenient enough as well: the company accepts Net 15, Net 30, Weekly through bank transfer and Paypal.

OFFERSEVEN is the team to turn to if you are looking for ways to make more income on your mobile traffic or boost mobile revenues. The platform works with Groupon, Hipmunk Hotels&Flights, Game of War and Kaspersky Internet Security. All of them combined prove the efficiency and the level of proficiency OFFERSEVEN can offer your business.

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is the company that claims to inevitably fulfill the mobile marketing objectives of their clients. Sounds very ambitious, doesn’t it? However, there is no reason to be skeptical, since this company has a wide range of goal-oriented partners and excessive tech capabilities.

MobAir is the top-notch mobile advertising technology company that works with the top publishers and advertisers in the industry. MobAir sets high performance benchmarks and establishes long-lasting partnerships. If you are looking for a programmatic solution for high-quality user acquisition, you should definitely consider discussing your project with this company.

Apart from being a leading company in the field, MobAir offers such benefits as algorithmic targeting and continuous optimization, timely payments, smooth and coherent API, dedicated account managers, strict control of brand safety, a wide range of ad formats and extensive experience in the promotion of utility, e-commerce, travel and gaming apps.

What’s more, MobAir doesn’t miss any chance to socialize, share their experience with the community and build new business relationships. The company actively takes part in various top-notch events, like The White Nights Conference and Affiliate World Europe.

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ZENNA is the last but not the least company we will tell you about today. The company has about 80 professional employees and the office is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. There is another office in the USA, California. Each team member in ZENNA represents the spirit of the company and works to exceed the expectations of the company’s clients. Being a number one expert in the sphere of performance-based user acquisition solutions for mobile games, ZENNA is clear with its mission: it connects games with their players.

For a game owner or developer, ZENNA can offer quite competitive solutions, namely risk-free CPA/CPI solutions, intelligent user acquisition solutions, advanced Facebook media buying and game influencers marketing. All of this comes with an internal innovative data-driven tracking solution.

Over the 4 years of its operation, ZENNA managed to become a premium certified and trusted partner of Facebook, Odnoklassniki, and myTarget. If that doesn’t impress you yet, there is more the company can boast of, like exclusive partnership with Gree and clients like elex, Pixonic and

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So sum up all of the above-written it would be fair to say that the market of mobile app advertising and marketing is highly developed in Ukraine, as it is represented by numerous top-notch companies that operate globally. Therefore, if you are an app owner or a developer, you can turn to any of this companies, based on your needs. Each of them has wealth of experience in the field and will do everything possible and beyond to provide you with the best results for your business.

Apart from mobile marketing services companies, Ukraine has a strong video traffic niche presented by numerous successful companies. Stay tuned to learn about them in our next article!