Top 7 IT Product Companies in Ukraine

Ukraine can boast of numerous outsourcing IT companies that made a name on the international market. Ukrainian developers are well-known for the high-quality work they provide. Besides, due to the country’s geographical location in Eastern Europe, the rate for development is much lower than in the USA and in Western Europe, and the cultural differences are not big enough to cause any problems. Besides outsourcing, Ukrainian IT has other things to be proud of. Today, we would like to tell you about top seven product companies of Ukraine.

  1.   Readdle

Among the top development companies of Ukraine, Readdle should be mentioned first. Founded back in 2007, this company is a leading developer of productivity and business iOS apps and a pioneer of App Store. Apps, developed by Readdle, were downloaded more than 50 million times worldwide. They also received Editors’ Choice and Apps of the Year titles. With offices in Odessa and Kyiv and over 85 employees, the company offers its services worldwide, maintaining their mission – “to make people more productive by enabling technology to millions”. The most noteworthy products of Readdle are Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Spark and Fluix.

Scanner Pro is an application for quick scanning and saving a digital copy of a printed document in PDF format. Users can book separate scanned pages into multi-page PDFs.

Scanner Pro detects borders, remove shadows, corrects distortions, perspective and geometry automatically. It gives users an opportunity to upload, share, and email the perfect scans they created with the help of their iPhone or iPad.

PDF Expert is an app for easy reading, annotating and editing PDF documents. The app allows to highlight the text and insert handwriting into it, sign and merge PDFs. You can even fill out a PDF form with the help of this app using your iPhone or iPad. There are useful features of adding a bookmark to your PDF and creating a table of content for it.

Spark is an iOS application, created for making you fall in love with emails again. This email app lets you quickly see what really matters and leave out all the rest. Called the best of the App Store in 2015, Spark is a quick, smart and easy email client that has great functions like unified inbox, smart search, signatures, quick replies, smart notifications, advanced customization and integration with must-have services like Dropbox, Google Drive and others.

2.  Looksery

Looksery is a Ukrainian software company, founded in 2013. It is now based in San Francisco and owned by Snap Inc., which acquired it back in 2015 for over $150 million. Looksery has offices in Ukraine, Russia and United States, where over 45 professionals work on the product. Licensing of the company’s technology brought them even more revenue than the breathtakingly successful app itself.

Looksery created a similarly-named application for facial modification of photos in real time on mobile platforms. CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, VentureBeat and other numerous top-notch resources have highlighted the success of the company’s Kickstarter campaign and its innovative technology. The groundbreaking facial tracking and transformation technologies, introduced by Looksery, deliver unique and engaging customer experience.

3. MacPhun

MacPhun is one more top-notch Ukrainian IT-company that creates its unique products, used by more than 15 million people worldwide. The company creates photography software exclusively for Mac, helping its users make their photos more beautiful and eye-catchy. Macphun created award-winning apps that were named Best of Mac App Store, chosen as Editor’s Choice and picked among the Best Apps Ever. The most known products, developed by MacPhun, are Luminar, Aurora HDR and Creative Kit.

Luminar is a photo software for complex editing that adapts to your style and skills level. With this app, every picture will be great, regardless of the camera you use. Luminar lets you remove unwanted objects, color casts and digital noise as well as reveal some hidden details in the photos and retouch skin.

Aurora HDR is the most advanced HDR editor in the world. The app combines simplicity, batch processing, next generation automated tone-mapping processor and more than a hundred powerful tools. Aurora HDR has everything a photographer may need for HDR photo-processing.

Creative Kit includes 6 award-winning photography applications from MacPhun, created for enhancing the photographers image-editing experience and bringing it to a new level of quality and fun. All in all, it combines over 500 creative tools for photo editing. The package includes Intensify, Tonality, Snapheal, FX Photo Studio, Focus and Noiseless.

4.  MacPaw

MacPaw should be mentioned in every list of IT-companies that are leading in Ukraine. It is a software product company that has been developing Mac applications since 2008. The Kyiv team consists of more than 80 professionals. MacPaw is well-known all over the world for its product, and we’ll describe the most notable of them below.

CleanMyMac is a utility app for macOs operating system that automates or plainly removes unnecessary files on your PC. The initial version of the application was released in 2009, and the update saw the world in 2015. The application lets you optimize your Mac for it to get more productive.

Gemini 2 is another MacPaw app, created for finding duplicate files and wiping them away. It can recover a lot of space on your Mac, and you can use it for so many things!

CleanMyDrive 2 is a Mac drive manager that allows you to drag-and-drop files right to any drive, check statistics of the disk and clean hidden junk from the external drives automatically.

Hider 2 is a tool that enables data encryption and hiding on a Mac. With the help of this tool, users can keep their data locked and protected. Encrypto, another MacPaw tool, lets you encrypt and protect the files which you send and share with other users.

MacPaw has more products to be proud of, like CleanMyPC, Listen and DevMate, but we’ll tell you about them some other time. Now, there are more market leaders to discuss.

 5. Serpstat

When speaking about top software companies of Ukraine, it is impossible not to mention Serpstat. It is a company from Odessa that offers service for SEO and PPC specialists. With a team of up to eighty specialists it constantly updates its service, that is also called Serpstat. Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and other influential resources have written about Serpstat.

Serpstat is a service, created back in 2013, that now has over sixty thousand active users. This SEO-platform comprises of five tools a SEO specialist cannot work without. With it’s help, you can perform analytics of your website as well as analyze website of any of your competitors. You can search for the keywords to optimize your website and to boost traffic to it, you can perform rank tracking, on-page audit and so much more with Serpstat. The service is definitely worth giving a try, and if you try it once, you’ll definitely stick with it. It’s such an easy and enjoyable SEO tool!

6. CyberVision

CyberVision is a software development and integration company from Kyiv. It has over twenty years of experience in high-tech business. Over 200 professionals work for this company, creating software systems that grant a competitive edge to the company’s clients and partners. The strong technical expertise of CyberVision has spread to Mobility, Telecom, Big Data, and Internet of Things.

Kaa platform is a free open-source platform that allows its users to build, manage and integrate connected items in the Internet of Everything (IoE). Kaa is an easy to use, robust and flexible platform that can easen work of developers who are focused on building innovative competitive products. The platform offers interfaces for data processing, analytics, and warehousing platforms. There are industry specific applications for quick and secure development of new vertical solutions as well. Kaa can be applied in industrial automation, smart metering, logistics and transportation, healthcare, agriculture, retail and many other spheres.

7.  Viosk

Viosk International was founded in Ukraine in 2013. A team of professionals from Odessa created a video-editing platform that now has over 2,5 thousand active users. The most surprising about the product, offered by Viosk team is its price – you can create a personalized video for about $2, when creating it manually would cost you over $300. Below is more information about the service.

Viosk is a platform for video storytelling, that brings advertising in the digital world to the new level of quality. Viosk was developed by Ukrainian specialists as well. Viosk can connect, and integrate your existing digital content with video. This way, within a few minutes a user can edit an individual video and share it. There are pre-made templates that make the video creation process quick and easy. Viosk can integrate with CRM, eCommerce and CMS. You can distribute your new videos via marketing automation platforms. The service integrates with MailChimp, HubSpot, Drupal, WordPress, WooCommerce and other services. All in all, the service is cost effective, intuitive, engaging and simple.

This was our list of top companies that make own products in Ukraine. Ukraine is a land of startups, innovators and doers. Ukrainian specialists show excellent results in outsourcing as well as in creating own products. If you test the apps and services we’ve written about today, you will have no doubts that the startup business in Ukraine is extremely strong and innovative.