TOP 10 Promising Ukrainian Startups to Follow in 2017

Ukraine is already well known for its IT outsourcing companies. But during past years the number of startups has amazingly increased. There are some reasons which could cause this initiative: the government launches new financial support programs, crowdfunding platforms become more popular and effective in Ukraine, brainy developers and ambitious teams decide to start their own business, fulfill innovative ideas to influence the world. Let’s have a look at some of the promising Ukrainian startups you should follow in 2017.

One of the famous sources to discover new products is Product Hunt. Here is a short list of startups chosen by Product Hunt users (most voted for).

Users choice

Noizio (2288 votes) – the free app with ambient background sounds for your Mac. You can choose from various sounds of nature such as: the sea, rain, fire, forest, as well as cafe or train sounds. The service has been featured on PH the last year too.

Lifetracker (1803 votes) – the service for Android and iOS to improve productivity with the help of artificial intellect. It uses smartphone’s sensors and machine learning to analyze what’s happening with the user and remind him about small daily tasks (shopping, payments), as well as extensive goals (success in sports, language learning, years plan). The project raised 200K euro from Digital Future foundation.

Definitely we can’t judge the startup’s success by the only platform. Many projects do not present their projects on Product Hunt, but still raise million investments. So here is the list of some Ukrainian startups which raise with the biggest investments in 2016.


$3,5 million Sixa (from Tandem Capital, Digital Future and Horizon Capital foundations). The service helps users to access a superpower cloud computer with pay-per-hour rate via an app. You can use it for extra difficult tasks which an ordinary computer can’t handle.

$3,35 million Allset (from Andreessen Horowitz foundation and other investors). The service for ordering the food in advance and table reservation in restaurants. The project has already launched and successfully works in the USA.

$2,6 million the platform for gamers Mobalytics (from Almaz Capital, Founders Fund, General Catalyst and GGV Capital foundations). It’s a cybersports start-up which examines skills of online gamers and develops the ways to improve them. The start-up has become a winner of TechCrunch Disrupt in San-Francisco.

International Awards

Photofact — the service for remote control of events and work.

Luckfind.me — online lost and found service.

inCust — cardless loyalty programs for businesses.

Solargaps — smart blinds that automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy.

Technovator — device for wireless charging.