Telegram as a Job Board

Nowadays we have lost the strict division between business and personal life. Actually, we never stop working: 19% of employees in North America reported they were facing problems trying to find the balance between work and personal life. But technologies can also simplify our business life in many ways. One of the most effective examples is social media and messengers.

In social media we can turn our profiles into job resume, and our friends into headhunters and recruiters. There you may suddenly discover that you have a bunch of common friends with your target company’s HR or directly write people whom you may regard as your future employees. 

But there is one more technology that can launch revolution of the job search – messengers. Here we will speak in particular about Telegram, which has already proved its important advantages for users who try to find a new place of work.

Anyway, Why Telegram?

This messenger is very popular in many former CIS countries as a rightful heir of VKontakte. It is also gradually reaching the European and Middle Eastern audience due to a wide range of advantages. Those include, of course, high level of security, fast message delivery, and ability to entertain your interlocutors with photos, videos, and unusual stickers. What is more, Telegram has unlimited cloud storage that will keep your data safe and sound, is forever free and does not interfere its users’ conversations with any advertisement. No kidding, we are really grateful for that.

But apart from being one of the most popular messengers with a rapidly increasing number of users, Telegram also possesses some features of a developing social network. It offers its users thousands of channels with interesting information, that do not presuppose interpersonal communication, but still keep us informed about everything we want. It provides us with opinion leaders’ thoughts on the topical issues and gives us crucial pieces of advice. That is why it has the advantage over other messengers. For the same reason, it also has a big future as a job board.

DNA325 Story in Telegram

Telegram is a good means of job search due to many reasons. Some of them we have already named, but there are a bunch of others. First of all, in its channels you may act not only as an employee, but also as an employer. It is important, as on many job seeking websites it may be kind of a hurdle. You will need to send and confirm its administrators piles of information about your business that you may actually not be willing to share. In Telegram everything happens much more simple – you just need to type in what you are interested at and find people ready to work with you.

Due to those reasons, we have understood that Telegram would be a perfect platform for our project of non-tech IT specialists search. Most of the common job boards disappoint people between jobs, as there are too many misleading vacancies – from huge startups to small Internet shops. On the contrary, on the specialized IT job seeking websites you don’t see non-tech positions very often. So, we decided to solve this problem. DNA325 helps companies find experienced sales managers, who can work for the US market, or marketing experts, who will be able to bring your products to international market. How we position our TG channel:

  • Absence of advertisement. We don’t plan to interfere our followers with such things.
  • Possibilities both for employees and employers. As a busy entrepreneur, you won’t refresh your mail waiting for an answer from headhunting sites, nor will you scroll the resumes in the Internet for hours. But you will definitely get your notifications from Telegram and have a look at what topical channels can offer you while drinking your morning coffee.
  • Negative experience. We won’t claim that everything was absolutely flawless. DNA325 had some challenges that have taught us useful things. For example, there was a funny story with a contest among our subscribers – after a prize giveaway we have discovered 11 unsubscriptions. It was then when we realized we should aim at creating a serious project for people, really concentrated on what they search.
  • Personal approach. We are always ready to listen to everybody. Many people write us directly and ask a pile of questions about different startups and projects, and we really try to help all of them.

We simply try to connect future employers and employees and create an internal network of talented people looking for the dream job. At first, we published rather typical resumes, but then we realized that there are many people who are employed at the moment but interested in some other possibilities and market tendencies. And for them we now try to focus on the necessary skills and knowledge, aim them toward the future. This strategy produced brilliant results – on the Web Summit and other important business meetings we have found out that a lot of people from different startups and big IT companies follow our channel.

You see that Telegram can really increase the probability of smart employees to find their dream positions. Especially with DNA325 – we try to improve our channel every day, adding new bots and experimenting with information presentation.


So, if you are between jobs at the moment, we would definitely recommend you to go to Telegram and have your candidature posted on a couple of thematic channels. It may not only help you find the dream vacancy, but also provide you with useful contacts. You will see, what are the typical requirements for the positions you would like to take and understand what skills you need to become the top professional in your domain. On our channel you will always find the freshest job offers with all the requirements listed and see resumes for all kinds of jobs in the non-tech IT sphere. All you need is to join and scroll up a little bit – we refresh our information almost every day, so it won’t take you long to find what you look for!