Reasons Why Your Employees Quit And How To Stop Them

All the businesses, big and small, face one common trouble. It is hard to solve, challenging and serious.

Just imagine: you come to office on a sunny Monday morning, full of plans and ambitions to meet a productive week. Your coffee is great, you are in a good mood and happy to see your team after a weekend. And then, unexpectedly, one of your best employees, a person responsible for the greatest projects your company develops asks you about a private conversation. The coolest co-worker says about the plans to leave your company and you just sit there having no ideas how you could let it happen and what to do next.

Most of the entrepreneurs have faced this unpleasant situation at least once. With the obvious rise of the world’s economy, there are tons of amazing opportunities on a job market. And even if you are sure your staff feels good at your company, the things may change in a blink of an eye.

The best way to solve the problems connected to employee turnover is to prevent them. In this article, we will discuss why employees may lose motivation to work for you and how to prevent losing your best talents.First of all, let us take a look at the most common reasons top talents change their jobs.

Top Five Reasons Why Employees Quit

We analyzed the information from the reliable resources and collected the feedback from the employees that recently changed their job. The very first conclusion we have made is that reasons for quitting differ between industries a person works in. The next step was defining the top reasons for professionals to change a job.

  • Unsatisfactory Salary

Compensations and benefits matter. Even if you consider your company a unique one and have a strict opinion that money does not make a difference, they actually do. Your brilliant corporate culture and awesome opportunities lose their meaning in case if a staff member feels a lack of money for living.

We should mention that nowadays each company tries hard to offer their potential candidates something special. The benefits may look like an on-premise gym, free coffee and cookies or free tickets to the cinema once a month. As the experience shows, these things can make a person stay or leave as well. Rejecting a profitable offer is too hard, and your best specialists may fail to resist temptation.

  • Bad Interpersonal Relationships

The next reason to quit is the negative atmosphere in a team. This topic includes two components: conflicts with the management and unfriendly relationships within the group.

Managing people is a hard task; sometimes even the top professionals cannot handle all the issues concerning the proper communication. Without the complete understanding and pleasant communication, a person does not feel happy at the current position.

No doubts, it is hard to work at a company where you have no one to talk to. In such a situation a person feels lonely and disengaged. It builds a basis to leave.

  • No Potential To Grow

Top talents never stop improving. If your staff mainly consists of Millennials, you probably know what it means. Those people are always opened for new opportunities to improve their skills and learn something new.

If a current position allows neither professional growth nor expertise enhancement, a true professional would not stay for long. This is when money cannot solve the problem: if such talented people see the opportunities to get better, they pick the chance immediately.

  • Lack Of Trust

Qualified specialists need a bit of autonomy in what they do. Do you remember when was the last time you let your employee do whatever they wanted to? Have you ever given the control over the process to the person that has been working with you for years? In most cases, boss or manager limits the autonomy of the staff. The main reason for that is lack of trust. But if you have built a long-term fruitful cooperation with professionals is it not a reason to trust them more? If you do not, your specialists will found out about it. And with the recognition that there is no trust between you the desire to change a job comes.

  • Lack of Appreciation

Another significant reason for a person to quit. If their work and efforts are not valued, the confidence and positive attitude about a current job slowly wither. Disrespect and ignorance is nothing new in thousands of companies. And if you know your company belongs to this number, get ready to say “Goodbye” to some of your dedicated talents.

People need a good environment at work. Additionally, they need to see that they are equal to their co-workers. And when there is an obvious trouble with physical conditions, like a stifling open-space office or other workers earn higher on a similar position, sooner or later a person will quit.

How To Stop Your Employees From Quitting

As the statistics say, it is not only “hot” candidates that change job, but also “warm” ones that are employed but open to communication with recruiters. So, even if you feel confident about your team, you never know if some of them does not talk to the recruiters from another company. But there is a list of actions you can take in order to save your best talents:

  • Make sure your financial offers meet employee expectations and are not below the average on the market;
  • Take care of some unique benefits: find out what your co-workers love and help them to gain the pleasant experience more often;
  • Talk to your staff, keep an eye on their mood and plans for the future;
  • Be aware of everything that happens inside a team: you must know about the problems to solve them on time;
  • Let your specialists grow and improve, create better career opportunities and promote your best talents;
  • Trust your company’s experts and allow them to improve their self-management skills;
  • Appreciate every little thing those people do for your company and let them know they have the greatest value for your business.

In a nutshell, communication is a cornerstone of any cooperation. And nice communication skills are your best assistance when preventing your people from quitting. Talk, listen, analyze and make conclusions that are able to save your business.


Staff turnover is one of the most negative things each company faces with. There are numerous reasons for a person to quit. And as you rarely can get a professional to return, you should try hard not to let them leave. A friendly relationship, high recognition of work and efforts, nice work conditions and stable salary along with other tips we provided you with will save your best specialists at their positions.