Brand Building in Facebook: How to Get More Likes

There is no need to explain why Facebook community engagement is good for your brand. It promotes the emergence of brand awareness and attracts loyal customers. When it comes to the brand page on Facebook, it is important to understand that it is not so much the number of likes that is important here, but the quality of the community formed by it. People will return to your page not because it has many likes, but because it has great content. The user should be interested, feel the value of the proposed information. To promote a brand on Facebook it is necessary to equally have common sense, understand the principle of how Facebook ranks pages, and use page monitoring tools to find out the interests of the target audience. Let us consider the steps for your brand promotion on Facebook.

Fill out the Information on the Facebook Page

At the first setout, when the user first sees your page, and in the future, your brand’s image and description will always be in plain view on the page. Therefore, it is so important they’re flawless. They should be engaging and, at the same time, clearly disclose the philosophy of the brand. Also, select category/subcategory of the page to get more reach, as well as your website link, contacts, and operation hours (if they’re really necessary). It will help people easily find your page as the Facebook search will see what your company does and who can be interested in it.

Post Awesome Content

Content is one of the key components of effective marketing in social networks. It produces the impression of the group on Facebook and the brand as a whole. Entertaining and engaging users is good even for reach, as Facebook uses a specific Edgerank algorithm to show the most popular content that you liked in your friends’ news feed.

It is also essential to use data-driven tools to discover what topics are of your target audience interests and build your content strategy. It helps to define what tags are the best for your brand’s reach and what can be best shared with your clients.

Do it Regularly

If the page does not have relevant and fresh content, users will not have to stay there for long. If you do not want your page became ignored and forgotten, then add new content regularly. Actually, it is still a question how often should you do so (it depends on your brand, business goals, and the other contexts), but still it is recommended to do it at least 3 times a week, or even every day.

The time in which you put the content on the page is important too. Whether you post your content at the hours of activity of your clientele defines how likely they will see your post and when they could share it with friends. In order to determine the most optimal time, you can use Facebook Page Insights (Insights > Posts > When Your Fans are Online). Try to spread the content exactly when your customers are online and the probability that they will see your post will increase, as well as the probability of the fact they will recommend it to their friends immediately. Facebook Page Insights, as well as free analytics tools, such as LikeAlyzer, also contain many other useful metrics of the performance of the page, that will help to understand better what is driving your engagement and, thus, the likes and how to adjust your content for more ROI.

Let Existing Fans Know About the Page

If one has a brand, sure he/she already has a community of employees, current customers, business partners, etc. In other words, these people are easy to reach and turn into loyal clients. They are your first advocates, who will share your content and promote it with likes and engagement. So it won’t be undue to send them invitations or, for example, an e-mail, in which you ask them to contribute to the development of your brand community.

  • Every time you have presentations or/and webinars remind customers and/or business partners to subscribe to your Facebook Page if they haven’t already.
  • Work with HR department to ensure the Facebook page of your company is promoted as an attractive place for your potential employees’ orientation and mentioned in any internal communications, e-mails, etc.
  • Using a Facebook Suggest Pages tool (in Business Manager) one can upload a .csv of email addresses to send them an invitation letter.
  • Connect Facebook to an already existing list of contacts, which includes companies you/your brand have an existing relationship with to engage more users.
  • You can also like Facebook Pages of your business partners as your brand (it is also can be done in Business Manager > Use Page > Use Facebook As Your Page link). In addition to attracting new customers, it provides an ability to view the news feed as your brand for an immediate access to your industry news on Facebook.

Facebook Social Plugins for more Engagement

Social Plugins are the best way to make your Facebook community known right from your website. Firstly, customers learn that there is a brand page on Facebook, and secondly they can immediately see how many people love it and spend time for reading it latest news. They can also communicate, share information with social plugins built-in your website. There are two of them Page Plugin and Comments Plugin, and we recommend you to use both of them, if possible. Page Plugin enables sharing and liking your page without leaving the website, and Comments Plugin makes is possible to leave comments on your website pages using their Facebook account. This is a great way to represent your brand like rapidly developing and actively discussed, that means more likes and engagement.

Purchase Facebook Ads

Promotion of brand pages in social networks is now very popular and effective, as they provide a diversity of tools for advertising and targeting. One has to pay for all good things, and if all the previous steps were free, here you’ll have to pay a sum of money. However, the effect of such advertising is definitely worth it. And, with such a tool as Facebook pixel and Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences tool, you can get your content seen by exactly your audience and those people, who share live in the neighborhood and have similar interests with your current customers. These options will boost your Facebook Page likes for sure:

  • Posts boost – helps your posts to be seen by the targeted audience.
  • Page promotion – finds potential customers by business portrait describing the age, location, and interests.

Experiment with these tools and use an analytical information to find what works the best for your brand.

Contests are Great

There is nothing so entertaining and engaging as contests in Facebook communities. It helps to get their audience build, attract new customers, boost your page’s view rate, get more likes/shares. It is the best way to engage people and warm up interest around the brand. Still, when designing a contest, be careful about whether it follows Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines. Your contest should be fun, easy, relevant to your audience because only in this case users are likely to share its results (or progresses) with their friends. It works great when applied together with Facebook Ads – let the people know you make contest and it will go viral.

Summary: How Can I Build my Brand’s Facebook Community?

Look at what communities you like. There are hardly a one among them which has no active discussions and contests, and fresh information does not appear for several months. Think like your customers, use analytics tools and create a cozy and interesting place for communication, obtaining relevant information and new benefits for them.


Author: Petro Borysov​