Applications for the Automation of the Personnel Search

The work of an HR manager assumes a constant processing of colossal amounts of information about current and potential employees. Data volumes can be especially large when it comes to planning workloads or finding new candidates for the position. HRs have to carefully study the incredible quantities of documents day by day in order to arrive at a conclusion. Such activities are not only routine and time-consuming. Literally, a couple of hours of monotonous reviewing would make even the most meticulous person lose their focus (for example, a tired HR can simply overlook important information in the CV of the next candidate). To solve this problem, specialized software is used. These are applications for the automation of the personnel search. We compiled a brief review of the most popular among them.



This cloud solution is ideal for maintaining an internal system of personnel records, as well as managing labor productivity. It suits both companies with already formed employees structure and dedicated HR department and small organizations that do not have specialized human resource experts. With the help of this software, you can easily organize importing of all the contacts according to the predefined criteria from business social networks (LinkedIn, for example). In addition, ClearCompany has an extremely low entry threshold and is therefore excellent for those who previously had no experience with such software.



Also a cloud-based software product, Jobvite supports the complete automation of all the stages of the applicant admission. It is perfect for medium and large businesses. In particular, you can transfer to Jobvite the obligation to send job offers, monitor potential candidates, conduct initial interviews, and create a database of current and potential employees of the company. With the help of this software, you will reduce the costs associated with hiring to the minimum. Therefore, the high, at first glance, cost of the product in the perspective will fully pay off.



HR.my is an incredibly advanced solution from the Malaysian software vendor, designed to facilitate the execution of ordinary tasks of HR managers (including management, self-service, and the salary appointment). The application is constantly being improved, mostly because of the feedback from active users. Some of them note the outdated user interface but this fact does not worsen the impression of the practical advantages of this platform. In particular, by employing HR.my service within your organization, you will gain such advantages as an unlimited number of accounts, the security provided by the user connections encryption using SSL. Moreover, there are capabilities to manage holidays, working hours, employee availability and documentation.



Zenefits is a free HR solution, which allows automating almost completely the processes related to the management of the company’s human resources. In particular, you can organize the calculation of wages with this system upon the most complex formulas, introduce tasks for the employees’ self-management, simplify receiving and analyzing CVs, etc. Users can get access to all the tasks and data both on stationary PCs and with mobile devices. There is also a repository of paid modules that implement additional functions and opportunities. According to user reviews, the major fault of this software is the problematic initial setup due to the need to draw the processing diagrams and input the data.



Apptivo is a CRM system that provides free access to its functionality for three or fewer users, except the mobile version. Otherwise, you must purchase a quite costly license. In fact, Apptivo is a cloud service that provides unprecedented flexibility and simple integration with numerous third-party solutions. In particular, you can connect your favorite accounting systems and provide the centralized access to the information about employees, their workloads, wages, etc. While not a tool for the HR automation per se, Apptivo is notable for its capabilities in this sphere. This solution completely covers all areas of business activities related to human resources. Using Apptivo, you can improve your basic workflows. To use more advanced features (for example, employees’ qualifications improvement planning and assessment of the level of productivity of their work) you will need to integrate it with the programs of other vendors.



This software solution offers a choice between a free version (for servicing teams of no more than 6 people) and a proprietary paid license. Teamdeck is an extremely powerful tool for planning and implementing the daily tasks of the HR department. This is the ideal solution for the teamwork organization, which allows for a complete management of all the stages of employee interaction. Among the Teamdeck’s features are the management of work schedules, workload allocation, accountability of staff, reporting, human resources planning, the search for information about the company’s employees in the database, etc. Overall, this is one of the most advanced applications on our list that allows maximizing the productivity of the team.


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Why DNA325 Chose HR.my 

Our top choice is HR.my service. It is simple – HR.my is completely free, allows connecting an unlimited number of users and, most important for many companies, operates over encrypted SSL connections (which means that you need not worry about data leakage). The set of its features is also amazing: there are flexible possibilities for assigning wages (including a tool for calculating overtime payments), all sorts of calendars, task planners and other tools, working with which does not require programming skills. We were extremely pleased with the capabilities of this app.


All of the above solutions can automate the daily tasks of the HR department including the automated search of the prospective customers on the internet and processing of such.
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